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Choosing a line color from "color pencil box" freezes VW 2020



I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

I just started using VW 2020 and five minutes into my new file I get a glitch. I draw a rectangle and extrude it. I go to change the color of the line from black to Aqua. When I do this, the rectangle remains selected and then nothing works. Nothing. I can move the mouse around, but nothing works. This is on a MacPro 16" running Catalina, with 32GB RAM and the 8GB video card. Anyone else seeing this? The only thing in this new file is the extruded rectangle...which still has a black line, by the way. The color never changed, either. Bummer.


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On 11/26/2019 at 7:59 AM, MHBrown said:

Thanks, that worked. However, I don't ever remember having to have that extra step in earlier versions of Vectorworks (or MiniCAD, for that matter, going back to 1995).

Since that color pencil box is a Mac OS-based color picker, it sounds to me like Catalina is the reason for having to press the OK button to confirm the color.


It may be a sign of things to come on the Mac side of things... it might not be a bad idea to review other Catalina changes to the OS.

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