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I've been in a lot of subdivisions in my life but not this one.  They all had familiar houses on them.

This one has me going a bit.  I've messed around with the tool a bit but am not getting it.

Any help with getting me started in the right direction to model the chair below?  I can get other views if need be.



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Thanks. My version of the chair needs work. But looks real comfy. The bottom needs to be round. The hard part of Subdivision modeling is finding and selecting the right points to move. I have found duplicating your object and keeping several versions a must. Also when you get the front view correct work done on the side view will move mess up the front. It’s going to take some time before I learn to think in subdivision. It’s better than watching TV news conferences with politicians spooning out deception and despair.

Stay Safe


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Yes it is round on the bottom and I think the upper/outer rim you have is actually softer, maybe radiused an inch or so?

Indeed finding and selecting or creating the correct points to move, THAT is the main issue.

Thanks for the tips.  When I find some time I may venture forth but right now I am one of the lucky ones with decent work from home.


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I was able to fix the upper rim by splitting the top edge and pulling the points down (Z) 1". It gets really complicated moving the front lip since the points all get really close together. May be there is a way to link points in succession but it really becomes a labor of love to adjust the mesh. The other way would be to convert to curbs and use the fillet edge tool.

What day is it?


lina chair 6A.jpg

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Since I have time to try different solutions I attempted to recreate the subdivision of the chair and stopped. I decided to try using sweeps and subtractions instead. Attached is a comparison. I am finding it is a lot easier to control shapes with the standard 3D tools. I can NOT get the fillet by variable radius to work properly. The instructions are not working for me.



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On 4/30/2020 at 10:07 AM, bc said:

GREAT STUFF. A little thicker on the back/armrest and maybe get the seams in there.......ha!😁

This is a tough one. I see why the mfr. doesn't offer models.


Seriously, probably somewhere in between?:




Maybe you've been here already?  Thanks for the eye candy.

Yes I used the DR web site for reference. They have good front and side views. Plus Overall H X W X D to build a containment frame. The Subdivision tool is a bit like having a seance or casting a magic spell. It’s going to take some practice to get it right. We need a challenge.

Works fine for Dinos.


1. It would helpful to label the SUB points so they could moved together.

2. Tool that was in between normal and sub. If that makes any sense.



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