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Ryan Seybert

Sheet Layer requires editing when another user prints


HI All,


We have recently switched over from AutoCAD and are having some difficulty with printing sheet layers.  In AutoCAD, when you crate a title block symbol, you draw the exact sheet size as an outline and draw the title block line work accordingly and taking general margin dimensions into consideration.  Never really had a problem with it.


Vectorworks seems to be a can of worms.  The challenge is that whenever another user tries to print a layout they must first adjust the page settings for that sheet layer.


The steps we have been doing are the following:

 - Edit Sheet layer by double clicking on the target sheet layer.

 - Click "Page Setup".

 - Select "Choose size unavailable in printer setup".

 - In the drop down, select "One Printer Page".

 - Hit "OK" three times to exit out of the Sheet Layer Manager.


If we do not follow these steps we end up with the Title Block sticking outside of the page print boundaries.  How do we set this up so we do not have to do this every time?



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Hello @rseybert,


Is your Title Block Border using Fit To Page Sheet Size? Also, when printing, do you have the option to reset all plug-in objects that require reset?

If this is not the case, could you send me a test file?


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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@Nikolay Zhelyazkov Thanks for the reply.


I've attached a chopped up version of our start template as a test file for you.  Hopefully the issues is still intact after purging out all the other proprietary info.


There are two sheet layers, Letter and Tabloid.  Those two are the most used out of our title blocks.  All of the ARCH series don't seem to give us too much trouble.


Please review and let me know what the issue is.  Its likely an error on my part when I built them.  We recently transitioned over from AutoCAD where building title blocks was as simple as drawing the line work, adding some data attributes, and making a symbol out of it.  The VW title block process seems to be a bit more tasking.


Thanks again for the help.


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I see that your Title Block Borders do not have border but only Title Block. The Title Block itself cannot be automatically resized, only the border. Anyway, I was not able to make the TBB go outside the page. What is your printer selected size that you are selecting with One Printer Page? Could you make a screen recording showing the issue?



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Surely the key to this is making sure that in Page Setup you have "Choose Size....' deselected.


The page opened perfectly here though. (Incidentally, this is a page setup that I wouldn't readily have set up on my machine, so makes me think all the more that it should work with every other user who has access to the template)



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@Nikolay Zhelyazkov You are correct, the titleblocks were built without borders as the company is very specific about the look of them.  This also, prevents us from changing the scale factor to make them fit.


I've attached a screen shot of a sheet layer illustrating the issue.  I've erased the confidential info so there are some spots that will look incorrect.  You can clearly see that the titleblock is outside of the "print boundary".  This is exactly how it was when I opened the file.


I've also attached a screenshot of the page set up window showing that "choose size unavailable in printer setup" is deselected.  If I check that and select "One Printer Page" the titleblock will align to the page correctly.  This adjustment will last until another users logs into the file and has to make the change again.  Changing the "Pages Horizontal/Vertical" page size to 1/1 will yield the same results.


One thing to note, is that 90% of the collaborative work is done with project sharing, however, even when a file is not a project file the issue is still prevalent.  The only time we don't have the issue is when the file is only ever opened by one person, usually a person detail drawing that only that user will draw in.



Titleblock Issue 2_6-5-19.JPG

Titleblock Issue_6-5-19.JPG

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