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  1. @Sam Jones Hmm. Maybe it's time for a reinstall of VW. It has been acting quick in the last few days with stuff that it's not had issues with before. I try to lock in settings as much as possible to help with consistency. Most of the Vectorworks object out of the box bring in some less than ideal classing structures. Not that it's a bad thing, they just don't work with our work flow. If I can make a red symbol out of it, I will:) Thanks for looking into it.
  2. I've created some multicable red symbols to help preserve custom settings and classing. Works great except when I try to move around (pressing the click-wheel on mouse) while the tool is active it stops the tool and sorta gets stuck between the pan tool and the multicable tool. It also grays out all menu bar options. The standard multicable tool seems to work properly. Closing the file will not stop the issue but a close and restart of Vectorworks will until I use the tool again. I've attached a screen recording as well as the file. Screen Recording 2020-02-15 at 5.35.14 PM.mov Multicable Bug.vwx
  3. @jcogdell Thanks! Much appreciated!
  4. @SCParker I have indeed looked into the Autoplot capabilities. If it were just me I would have purchased all the third party plus-ins available but that's not the case. I can't take the idea of purchasing/subscribing to a plethora of third-party plug-ins that would increase the financial footprint of a piece of software just help cover its shortfalls to the money people. And multiply that across the multiple users that need access to the plug-in. I do appreciate everything that the third party community is doing as its really driving the software developers see what its users need.
  5. @jcogdell And of course as soon as I posted that last post I found the "change trim height of system" button. Disregard my last post. Perhaps that button can be one of the first lines at the top of the object in the OIP. Thanks!
  6. @jcogdell Something else that seems to be an issue (at least for me) is that if I want to change the trim height of a truss system, I have to select all the truss in the system. Selecting one truss object and changing the "z" value does not change the "z" value of all connected truss objects.
  7. Sounds like it got knocked out of your workspace. You can add it back in by editing your workspace with the workspace editor.
  8. @Luis M Ruiz I've checked that a few times. I did notice that the fill color displays as set by class but the fill type displays as solid. When I try to change it to "by class" it snaps back to solid. Probably not related but perhaps worth mentioning. This is issue does only happen in viewports when the class has an override. Seems to work properly in design space.
  9. @jcogdell That would be greatly appreciated. Having that ability will allow me to really commit to using the cable tools. Also, If you have the ability to submit this one as well: - link jumper cable length and type to lighting device parameters - link data cable length and type to lighting device parameters Thanks!
  10. I found the preference dialogue box but when "lighting Device" is selected "Combine Cable ID and Break Out Number" is disabled. Can you only add this data to a record? None of the available lighting device related records have any circuit fields.
  11. @JBenghiat Thanks. I was able to get the texture sorted through the class settings. Of course, I set out to make a screen recording of the issue I was having and it decided to behave for the most part. I put some lekos on a pipe from top/plan view and they snapped fine. I then added some LED pars to the same pipe the same way and they were in the ground. However, the pipe did not change elevation when I chawed the elevation of the fixtures. I then changed the elevation of the pipe and the lekos track but the pars did not. I selected the pars and attached them to the pipe via the right-click menu "attach to rigging object" with no immediate change. Then I changed the elevation of the pipe and all four fixtures tracked with the change. Go figure. I'm gonna say this was a case of operator error. I know the rigging objects have been changing a little here and there and I'm sure this is some growing pains on my part. I'll keep an eye out and post if it happens again. Thanks again for the help.
  12. Hi All, Noticing a few issues with the Lighting Pipe tool: Lighting Pipes do not change texture or color fill in any render mode/view other than top/plan. All other render modes yield a white lighting pipe. Changing trim heights seems to be a bit tedious. If I draw a lighting pipe, set it's "Z" value, and then populate it with fixtures it tends to change its height on its own. Usually, it'll pop back to 0'-0" once the lighting fixtures have been added. If I change the "Z" value of the fixtures, either through the OIP or physically dragging to the pipe, the pipe will track with the movement and now be double the original height. If I then change the "Z" value of the pipe, the fixtures will be in the ground. Usually, after a few rounds of those steps, everything will cooperate and I can move on to the next position and do the same song and dance. I've noticed this in a few drawings now. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. @markdd Do you see your workflow working without the AutoPlot tool set? My challenge is that I manage a few users and making sure everyone has this plug-in installed, up to date, and tracking with the various updates of the VW software is another step in the process. I would like to keep as much of our workflow within the confines of VW as much as possible and refrain from using third party plug-ins as much as possible. We utilize Project Sharing with our workflow and have had issues in the past with third party plug-ins. This is also the main reason why we cannot utilize Lightwright for paperwork purposes and instead rely on worksheets that I've created within VW. Thanks.
  14. @Daniel Dickman I feel like my previous post might have led you astray. Since then I, alongside a few others, have been testing the feature ad nauseam to see if we can figure out its kinks. Here is a list of what I have discovered with this feature, some of which will be useful to you. Schematic views do not like "Hanging Positions". It will react better to simple rigging objects like a "Lighting Pipe" or a "Lighting Pipe Ladder". I believe this was touched on in an earlier post in this thread or another. Not converting to a "Hanging Position" will yield a proper 2D Schematic View complete with accessories and Label Legends when "Top" is selected. Converting to a "Hanging Position" will yield an almost identical 2D version of the source geometry when "Top" is selected. When "Front" is selected, it will yield a "Hidden Line" version of the position with no accessory or label legend information attached. When label legends are populated by Schematic Views, classes that are associated with a label legend do control the Schematic Views display to a point. Allitems need to be classed appropriately. This means that containers need to have an appropriate class assigned to them not only at the label legend level but also within the symbol. This will be problematic if you're utilizing the same container symbol for more than one field. Schematic Views do not show "Modify Lighting Instrument Color" based on color field when selected in the Spotlight Preferences. Accessories will display in a schematic view, however, they're placed at the top of the Schematic View, not with the fixture they're assigned to. The spotlight numbering tool does work directly on the "Lighting Device In Schematic View" objects and the input is reflected appropriately. I hope this helps a little more. There is a pretty active thread on the subject matter. Here is the link:


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