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Andy Broomell

Section Viewports w/ OpenGL Background Render


I've had a slew of issues trying to use Section Viewports in 2019... My current problem involves using OpenGL background render and Hidden Line or Dashed Hidden Line foreground render. The viewports seem to work for a while, then suddenly the OpenGL part will start "stretching" to fit the bounding box of the viewport rather than aligning with the geometry. I believe it might be triggered by doing any sort of adjustment to the section properties, and once it bugs out there's no fixing it except re-creating the viewport from scratch.


Anyone else encounter this or a way to fix it?


Here are some screenshots:



In this screenshot I made the drawing label wide to illustrate how the OpenGL portion stretches:



Original for reference:



And another example:




Combined with this bug, drafting this project has taken exponentially longer than it should have.


@Jim Wilson @Matt Panzer Please tell me SP3 will make Section VPs usable again? 🤞

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Hi Andy,

I have not seen this issue.

Can you attach a small file that has the problem?

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I just brought some elements into a separate file, and although I couldn't quite replicate the exact same issue as above where the OpenGL portion expanded to fill the VP bounding box, it started distorting in other ways (when I adjusted the Section Line in the other viewport):





Here's the file: Section VP OpenGL Issue.vwx


Thanks Matt! 🙂 

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for the file. I definitely see the issue!

The issue may've already been addressed for an upcoming service pack but I submitted a bug with your file just to make sure.

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