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Why does my section viewport render like this?


I'm trying to create a section to work with, and these invisible lines obliterate the details of the drawing. I've tried changing class visibilities, rendering settings..... Can provide more details, but wondering if it's something totally obvious that I'm just missing. 838332962_ScreenShot2018-12-29at6_18_40PM.thumb.png.2b78d89393ed134a41cb5380f1ecd975.png

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Kinda looks like a few screen plane objects are hidden in there somewhere. Label line? 2d symbol?

Try sequentially turning off layers in the section to find the culprit?


Is anything in the drawing derived from sources outside vwx?  Might have an symbol or other component that does not scale properly.


Extreme distance from drawing origin can cause strange planes in renders.  Copy/Paste the model at origin in a new blank drawing, Then section to test.


All speculation.





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 I appreciate your input, and apologize for my ignorance. If I knew more, I could ask better questions.  I recently updated to VW 2018 from 2014. I used to make sections by model > cut 3d or 2d section, and detail a section from there using lines and basic 2d graphics. That is gone, and I'm struggling with how to generate section views that I can work with. (If that information is of any insight- or if anyone has insight on how to do this efficiently, that's helpful as well) 


I've tried making a viewport model on a design layer, then for elevations for example, I create sheet layer viewports of each of the 4 sides (front, back, left, right), and draw over that to get the appearance I need (showing siding and trim details for example, + annotations). To make sections: I used the same viewport of the building model to create section viewports on a sheet layer. I though maybe the issues was making a viewport of a viewport, so I created new section viewports, cut from the design layers containing the floor plans and roofs. But I get the same result in hidden line rendering. 


As far as symbols, I'm using all 2D/3D symbols + base & wall cabinets from the VW tool set. It looks like it comes from the windows. 

The model looks fine in a wireframe view, usually (first image) but sometimes shows the disaster lines as well. If I try to convert a viewport or copy to lines, I definitely get all the disaster lines. Then the rendering happens, obscuring things the shouldn't be obscured. I've tried ticking and unticking viewport options in the object info palate and changing class visibilities for the viewport with no success. I don't use a ton of classes, so perhaps I should revise that habit. I did assign a unique class to exterior window trim (in hopes I could turn it off in plan view, but keep it in elevation, this has been unsuccessful, however. it still show in plan view even with the class turned off). 


In terms of an origin issue, I'm not sure how to check on that. But here's what I did, ctl +a then ctl + 6 to fit all objects on all the design layers referenced in the viewport. normally if I have some origin point the fit to objects will revel that. I might not fully understand that point. But I do get that problem occasionally if I import a survey into a drawing file. Typically I import the survey into a blank file, and copy and paste what I need to avoid getting weird objects in outer space. My drawings are relatively small, I would guess.

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 10.53.49 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 11.29.47 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 11.30.33 AM.png

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Do testing in a duplicate file so you don’t endanger your project file.


For quick test and more forum help, copy/paste-in-place into a new blank vwx file a wall with its windows. Or two walls at corner.  If problem is demonstrated, post it here for others to take a look.


Some conversions can go bad. Did this model, start in v2014 with conversion to v2018? Might be worth replacing a window or two with brand new window from v2018. Or just adding a v2018 window in a blank part of a wall to see if the trim sends out lines to the wall corners. 


Regarding origin -

Objects (including dvlp, symbols, even simple extrudes, etc), that are long distance from the drawing internal origin,ie the 0,0,0 point, exhibit strange and altered geometry. Move them close to the 000, and they display as expected.  Something to do with math overwhelmed by too many decimal places in the object’s internal data.  Hence the suggestion of test paste model into new file centered on the 000 point.  Long distance might be excess of 10mi or 16km, sometimes less than that. Seems to be getting better in newer versions.


Your window trim does seem to activate the problem. Check in the window config that the interior trim attribute is assigned “by class” to your trim class. Turn off the class in the section to test. Try also different trim config, or no trim on one window.


good luck!



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Thank you all so much for the replies. The file was converted from an older version. The issue was repeating, but to a lesser degree with the copy + paste to a new file (but there were also fewer objects in the blank file... so?). 

Ultimately I did a save as, to make a new file. I deleted the offending section viewports & their container layers from the file, created new design layers for the section viewports, new section viewports on design layers, then section viewports on sheet layers (is that an excessive extra step?) and was able to get this to go away. I can't say exactly what it was for certain, but it seems to be rectified. I'm almost afraid to open my file this morning for fear the issue will reappear. @Stephan Moenninghoff it is possible there was an extruded open poly offender- good tidbit to know. 

Again, I thank you all for your consideration. The responses sparked many ideas about what could be wrong. I work alone, am completely self taught in VW (since mini cad 7) and all the discourse on this forum, youtube videos and VW resources by others have helped me tremendously over the years.  You served as my weekend tech support, and truly, I am grateful. Until my next catastrophe.... Happy New Year! 

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