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A Text object displaying its layer name


I need to put a text object in MANY layers which simply displays the layer name its in.


EASY I thought

at first.

Actually, not a simple.


Its easy to link a text string to a record field. this has been a great tool for over a decade in VW and helped me a lot. But how do I link a text string to a layer name? Is there an simple way, or do I need to marinette it to either:

A:take the layer name and push it to a given record field that it then linked to the text string.

B:get a marionette script to select the text (look for a give string?), over ride it with the layer name.


Any thoughts very much appreciated. 



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One note - if you duplicate a layer with this object on it, you will need to nudge the Marionette Object to force an update. Copy-Paste will automatically update, as well as if you change the layer via the OIP.

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The new data tag tool will do this. You may need to customise one of the stock symbols but it works well.



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Ah, should have thought of this. I've been enjoying the new data tags. Did not think of using them outside a BIM model.


Also thanks, and merry christmas. 

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