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IFC Export Problems





Wondering whether anyone can help with some IFC export issues-

Certain elements won't export, despite having IFC data attached. I've particularly noticed this with extrusions. I tried running a test file where drew a series of simple cubes and converted the extrusions to meshes, 3D poly etc, and tried assigning different IFC data. I exported to IFC with the correct stories selected and using my usual settings (which will export walls, trees, hardscape, other vwx elements no problem), but no luck!


I'm modelling a landscape which includes some bespoke objects so really need to find a way to model these that will export. Can anybody help?


(Interestingly elements imported from sketchup often work with no problem??)


I'm currently using Vwx Landmark 2019 on mac.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi fhunt,


There could be many reasons to not get all objects exported. Please, check first that your extrudes/cubes all have fill, then check your IFC Data - AFAIU, for this kind of work you should use IfcBuildingElementProxy for most of your landmark objects. Also, check that the classes are visible and "Export Visible Only" option is OFF. These objects usually are part of the Site (not building or building story), so map their layer to "Site", not to a story and check "Export Site Model" option.



Mihail Rizov

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