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  1. fhunt

    Viewport Class Overrides- not working??

    That's really helpful to know, thanks! I've got various workarounds so I'll have to go with those for now. Not sure quite why it didn't work when I changed everything to ByClass for a test, but that might have been the way the symbols were set up! Thanks
  2. fhunt

    IFC Export Problems

    Hello, Wondering whether anyone can help with some IFC export issues- Certain elements won't export, despite having IFC data attached. I've particularly noticed this with extrusions. I tried running a test file where drew a series of simple cubes and converted the extrusions to meshes, 3D poly etc, and tried assigning different IFC data. I exported to IFC with the correct stories selected and using my usual settings (which will export walls, trees, hardscape, other vwx elements no problem), but no luck! I'm modelling a landscape which includes some bespoke objects so really need to find a way to model these that will export. Can anybody help? (Interestingly elements imported from sketchup often work with no problem??) I'm currently using Vwx Landmark 2019 on mac. Thanks
  3. Hello! I am attempting to override class settings in a viewport as per the instructions here: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2017/eng/VW2017_Guide/Viewports2/Changing_the_Class_Properties_of_Sheet_Layer_or_Design_Layer.htm#XREF_23286_Changing_the_Class However it doesn't seem to work. As a summary, I have a number of tree symbols that are on the same class, but different fills. In my viewport I want to show them simply all with no fill. I've followed the instructions above but had no luck. Can anyone help? I've tried changing all the original trees to 'class style' in the fill (although not ideal as I still need them to show in different colours on other viewports), and I've tried different options in the class overrides, nothing seems to work. I've used a work-around for now by selecting elements in the tree symbol and using the detail level visibility options, but if I could get class overrides to work it would be a really useful tool! I thought it could be because they're symbols but I've tried other classes too and they don't work either- help!? I'm currently using Vwx Landmark 2019 on mac. Thanks!


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