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  1. Hi @zoomer, Thank you for your information. I'm attaching the IFC-exported file from our latest changes. A few things to note: - Please, do not attach IfcSite to whatever - an IFC file should have no more that 1 (one) IfcSite, it is added automatically (even if not present in the model) or it is the first DTM object in the layers assigned to Site in Layer Mapping/IFC Export dialog; - If you are not sure about IFC designation of an object - please, use IfcBuildingElementProxy. Another option is to choose Extended Vectorworks Model View (Export IFC Project -> Data tab -> Model View) - this will export any object that has 3D geometry as IfcBuildingElementProxy, so you don't need to bother with attaching IFC data; - When you attach IFC Data to a group - this means you want to create an aggregate IFC Entity - e.g. complex roofs/stairs/ramps can be created and exported to IFC in this way. In your file, there are multiple groups with IfcSite and many symbols with IfcSite inside - sorry, this does not make sense, so I detached IFC Data from your groups before the export. Regards, Mihail Rizov TEST_IFC_EXPORT.zip
  2. Hi @zoomer, We are aware of that issue and we're working on it. Could you tell us did you draw all your objects in 2022 or the model was translated from 2021 or an earlier version? Thanks and Regards, Mihail Rizov
  3. Hi @GatRed, This function duplicates the direct IFC syntax, like IFC.'IfcFurnishingElement'.'Name' - same as GetIFCProperty('IfcFurnishingElement.Name). Regards, Mihail Rizov
  4. Hi @Arielus, Coordinates and elevation in IFC are given in the site (IfcSite). You may find these settings in IFC Export dialog, Site Data tab. Regards, Mihail Rizov
  5. Hi @archist97, It is not possible to open your file - http://piracy.vectorworks.net/IllegalFile.php Please, post the IFC file from AC. Regards, Mihail Rizov
  6. Hi @Laura Stone, Sorry, we can't try this, because we don't have the full model - we have only the excerpt you sent here 😉 Export Site model affects only the export of DTM object that is representing the site (and its layer must be mapped to Site story). Regards, Mihail Rizov
  7. Hi @Laura Stone, I can confirm that assigning materials in Revit works only if the geometry is extrude/solid and not in case of surface geometry. IFC sends the geometry as is and in case of Aligned Slab, the object geometry is mesh (surface geometry). Regards, Mihail Rizov
  8. Hi @Laura Stone, We still don't have Revit 2021, but tried with 2020/2018 (used Improved IFC Import Add-In, as with the standard one nothing imported). In all cases, Revit shows the color of the geometry (from Vw) - the objects are imported as Floors with Import Symbol inside and you can assign material to both of them, but it always shows you the original geometry color. For me, the problem is that, actually Revit can handle well only solid geometry - we'll try and will get back to you. Regards, Mihail Rizov
  9. Hi @Laura Stone, It seems to me, it's probably Revit Import problem. But, we have to find out the reason and use a workaround, if necessary. Please, send us a small excerpt from the model that illustrates the problem, so we can try export and import in Revit. (Also, please tell us the version of Revit that is used in your data exchange.) Regards, Mihail Rizov
  10. Hi @elch, Could you re-post your files, as it is not possible to download them? Thanks, Mihail Rizov
  11. Hi @Matt Hagen, We are looking into this issue - temporarily, you can attach IfcSlab to them and set PredefinedType field to one of LANDING (if it is a part of a ramp/stair), ROOF (you know when), otherwise BASE or FLOOR (both are actually a floor, but BASE is a load-bearing element and as such is part of the building structural model). I'll notify you with our findings, when ready. Regards, Mihail Rizov
  12. Hi @Matt Hagen, I've reviewed your file and here are my comments, specifically about IFC (I can talk only about IFC): - You used a lot of extrudes in your model and you can't see them in IFC model, which is normal. IFC works with objects and each object consists of designation/type (defining the purpose of the object - like is this a wall/column/slab/roof/furniture/beam/etc.), data, relationships with other objects (like positioned in a building story, space, contained or part of another object, etc.) and geometry representation. So, an extrude might be the geometric representation of a wall, covering, column, footing, ... and this is why the user has to define what kind of object represents the extrude in question - this can be done by directly attaching IFC Data or using Data Manager class-based mapping. If you use Vectorworks plug-in objects - you don't have to do anything - they have the proper IFC designation and settings already defined. - You exported IFC4 file - at this moment, only Vectorworks and ArchiCAD have certified IFC4 export (IFC4 import certification not yet started). Even some applications claim to support IFC4 - you shouldn't trust claims. So, please use IFC 2x3; Regards, Mihail Rizov
  13. Hi JMR, Please, try it with 2020. Regards, Mihail Rizov
  14. Hi David, As I promised, I asked about your question and here is the answer: "The menu style used in worksheets does not support separators. But this is an improvement we could consider for a future version. Hugues Tsafak Director of Product Development"
  15. Hi David, My answers: - Item 3 - please, file a bug; - Item 2 - sorry, this is outside of my field of competence - I'll try to get an answer from the right person. Regards, Mihail Rizov
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