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LED Screen Tool - Blow through video wall?

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Using the LED Screen Tool, is there any way to represent a blow-through video wall? Light weight, widespread pixel density, but still image-map-able like a standard LED Screen Tool creation. 

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If this is for rendering purposes, I would recommend a masked texture on a simple extrude or a pair of textures on two extrudes. It should significantly cut down on render times though I’ve not actually compared textures vs physical geometry. Textures will also let you create exactly what you want. 


You can approximate it with the LED tool by making each panel the width of one “spine” of your LED panel and then adjust spacing to account for the gaps. That will only give you vertical ribs though. 


For rendering purposes, this is a great example of doing something that “looks right” as opposed to trying to make something that is exactly like what we would have in the real world. 

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@scottmoore This is for rendering purposes, and I've considered using a masked texture on an extruded rectangle, but I wanted the spines and the strips of diodes to be somewhat visible. I finagled with the LED Screen tool and managed to represent a blow through very well by using the Web base and rendering my individual modules as 1"x2' "strips" of LEDs, and spacing them to the spec of the LED curtain I am trying to represent. 


Thank you for the response. 

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@C. Andrew Dunning I am not dead-set on any particular product but have been basing my measurements of a variety of different pixel pitches and spine styles. I have managed to represent it with the stock LED screen tool though. Thank you for reaching out.


On another note - I noticed you are based in Nashville, so am I! 

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On 10/4/2018 at 12:54 PM, Kevin Allen said:

What is a "Blow-Through?"

Video wall tiles with gaps in the housing so you can pass light through it and it works like a scrim effect, albeit not as fine or gauzey. 

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