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Teaser Tuesday - Image Effects - Vectorworks 2019

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4 hours ago, line-weight said:


It looks like effectively you can do this by using image effects on the image used in that texture resource.


Correct but then you would have to re-render the viewport to see the changes which sometimes takes hours. If you could just select the areas of the rendered viewport by texture and adjust them it would save a lot of time. In v-ray this is done with the Material ID channel. 


Very useful improvement nonetheless. 

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On 9/9/2018 at 4:13 PM, zoomer said:

Hope as a side effect there will be better texture previews,

that we finally recognize how our textures will look like

before we plan to apply effects.



I think the trick (tedious workaround) is to

- Extract Image from Material

- Edit image Filter


This give a new (fixed) preview size that makes Texture recognizability a bit better.

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Apologies, I'm late to this discussion and new to Forum, but it would be great to be able to apply 'image effects' to the <Bump> - <Image> shader too. This would allow you to quickly re-use an image, invert, throw it to black&white and ramp up the contrast, exposure, brightness etc. for easily creating/associating a decent bump map within VW. 937869203_ScreenShot2019-05-17at10_49_55AM.thumb.png.04dabd9daa175fc46a0a3f2129a038fe.png all

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