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  1. Hi, the shortcut key of CONTROL+MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON for temporarily invoking the FLYOVER TOOL is not functioning well for me. The Apple magic mouse does not have a middle mouse button and the middle mouse button is not reliable to press on standard mice without accidentally scrolling. Could a similar shortcut as in Cinema 4D be used, such as OPTION+LEFT CLICK to invoke the flyover tool temporarily? It would be very helpful to be able to use the flyover tool without exiting the current tool. Alternatively if we were able to customize this shortcut in the Workspace manager that would be even better. Thanks
  2. @sbarrett Thanks, works perfectly.
  3. @Marissa Farrell That's great thank you! Very useful to see how you did it - I am learning a lot. Yes, it's working well other than the bounding box - I am looking for a solution too but for now can definitely work with it.
  4. @Marissa Farrell Hi Marissa I have a similar question, I would like to find the intersection points between nurbs curves as you mentioned above. I am making a gridshell structure using contour nodes to create ribs along a nurbs surface. I then want to find the intersection of the ribs in order to create pin joints at these locations. I have attached my file. Any help would be appreciated. gridshell test.vwx
  5. Hatch Line Scale in the Advanced Properties of a sheet layer viewport is also not working in v2019. Just tested in 2018 and working fine. I assume this is related to your problem. Have submitted this as a bug.
  6. Correct but then you would have to re-render the viewport to see the changes which sometimes takes hours. If you could just select the areas of the rendered viewport by texture and adjust them it would save a lot of time. In v-ray this is done with the Material ID channel. Very useful improvement nonetheless.
  7. For rendered viewports it would be great if you could use these adjustment features by texture. Sometimes one texture comes out oversaturated etc. and if you could just adjust this and not the whole image it would ideal. It is maybe the next step and would bring Vectorworks capability more inline with other rendering programs.
  8. Hi, I want to find points along a series of NURBS curves (created using the contour node) at particular y-values. I figured I could intersect the curves with lines but this only seems to work with 2D curves. The curves are essentially 2D as they are contours and so is there a way to convert NURBS into 2D? Or is there a way to find specific points on NURBS curves that I am missing?
  9. Many thanks for the quick fix and explanation - understanding the code is next for me... Yeah I'm just learning marionette and thought it was a perfect example to try! Cheers
  10. Hi @DomC, these tools are extremely useful, thanks. I have however found that the PutByRefPoint is not working correctly - it is only placing objects in 2D even when given 3D points. Any idea why? I also tried an older version of the node which I found somewhere and this one works in 3D however does not have the duplicate function. I have attached my file BIG SERPENTINE MARIONETTE.vwx
  11. @JimW Hi this node is perfect except the duplications are not being created at the 3D point, only the 2D point. Any idea why? I have attached my file, many thanks. BIG SERPENTINE MARIONETTE.vwx
  12. Hi, where can I download this node? It is just what I need.
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