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Saving global properties

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Is there a way to save the global properties such as ambient light, volumetric amount, bloom strength etc so that every time I run Send to Vision I don't need to adjust these settings? They reset to their defaults every time I import from Vectorworks.





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Hey Dan, not yet, it is planned though. Until it's added, you can save a v3s file once you make changes via file>save in Vision, that will save the settings for that file.


You shouldn't have to tinker with too much with every file though, my personal workflow follows:

  • Load file into Vision 
  • Drop Ambient to 2-3
  • Volumetric Quality to 100
  • Volumetric amount down a peck
  • Maybe bring haze amount down a little (to mix in more static haze)

If you are changing things like exposure, contrast, and brightness, I would definitely change my monitor settings around. Nvidia cards have an awesome tool in the form of the control center to do this if your monitor settings are lacking. ATI's CCC is similar in this regard.

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