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  1. That's weird, usually if one works the other should. Have you updated to High Sierra? Can you send us over a system report to tech@vectorworks.net? (Apple>About this Mac> System Report, then file>save) Please also send over your dongleID if you have it along with the name and info your license is registered to.
  2. Hey Anthony, the workflow is pretty simple for getting a screen into Vision, it essentially consists of: Create an extrude the size of your screen Create a renderworks texture, change the color field to "image", use ANY image. Apply the texture to your extrude and size to fit using the render tab in the object info palette. With the object selected, go to Spotlight>Visualization>Select Vision Video Source> Select either file (and browse for a video file) or Capture Device, then click OK. Now when you open that file in Vision, your video will play, or a window will pop up asking which capture device you want to use. Now to address your other questions: CITP is not currently supported, but we are looking into it. Also, the posts you are referring to are in relation to some capture cards not working on Windows. Currently there doesn't SEEM to be an issue on mac (the facetime camera populates and works) but I don't have any other devices to test with.
  3. Hey there! Grab the Vision 2017 sp3 installer from here: the Vision updater only updates Vision's internal library currently. If you run that installer with Vision and Vectorworks both closed, it should fix your missing fixture mode issue.
  4. That is one beautiful build! Remember to buy a case and a cpu cooler! For air, I fancy the hyper 212 evo coolers, I've used them extensively, and for liquid I like the 240/280mm corsair all in one coolers for ease of installation. I'd also recommend looking at the corsair modular power supplies, way cheaper and a better rating. Price check this stuff on newegg as well, I'm seeing 1080Ti's run about $800 as opposed to the 1200 you have above. That ram seems a bit steep in price as well (plus, that benefit you'll see in VW but I personally haven't seen anything that I needed more than my 32gb for). But you should be able to find some awesome G.SKILL kits of 64gb for....600-700-ish? And I LOVE gskill ram, it works great, you'll probably get a faster speed too. In fact, price check all of your stuff, I found that same ASrock board on newegg for way less: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157776&cm_re=x299-_-13-157-776-_-Product On that note, i'm not 100% sure about asrock stuff yet, they haven't been around that long. I usually go with ASUS or MSI boards, but thats just my opinion. Hope that all helps!
  5. Ah, I see what's going on now. Setting your ip address jumped you off your university network. Are you using a Vectorworks network license with the dongle? Or is this a standard edu license? if you don't have a network dongle/ license server (usually for a whole lab) then the easiest way is to write your network info down (IP address/ subnet mask/default gateway) that you set up with the tutorial for the PC. Then switch your IPv4 settings back to obtain an IP address automatically. Then activate Vectorworks, then switch it back to "use the following IP address" and enter in your info you wrote down. Once activated, VW should stay activated without any issues. NOTE: I am assuming your educational institution is doing what every other one I've worked with is in that they are using your network as a training network, which is why you have things like IP-locked services (can't access the internet without being on a certain IP address, etc). I would find the nearest IT person, and show them my reply here, or the whole thread, and save yourself a ton of headache. Without directly accessing your school's network, I don't know how it's set up, and very rarely, do instructors either haha.
  6. Pat, I'll address your questions one at a time. 1. This would be utilizing a network switch or "hub" if you will. I would direct this question to your IT department, as the last time I was teaching a university course, everything was permanently wired to a switch hidden in some mystery room somewhere. 2. We have a great number of users that have Ion consoles, mostly universities. The DMX connectivity article is verbose, erring on the side of too long, so we could cover every possible step. Essentially the process simplified is this: plug your console and all computers into a network switch. make sure your console and computer ip addresses are in the same subnet (the first 3 numbers are the same). Then send artnet or sACN from the console. From Vision, select DMX>Change DMX provider>Artnet/sACN(whichever you are sending). 3. I definitely can't speak to the marketing efforts. I Have my hands a bit full on the support and development side of things but I will forward your concerns to the marketing team.
  7. Oh I see what you mean now, "Looked At" is that cool little widget that shows you the scene orientation, (blue green and red lines in the center of the scene)
  8. We are looking into prisms, there seems to be a bug with some prism fixtures which may be due to our control channel fix. (things like the vl4k, PRG Bad Boy, etc should be working as intended now.)
  9. Hey Robert, Glad to hear you like the new features! As for the negatives, Render Still improvements are on the list but right now capture devices take priority. DMX Xforms are currently in Vision 2018, in the properties window, we just haven't added the node system back in. We are currently exploring other options for this feature that are more user-friendly. Object to RGB light conversion is still in the works, it was much easier to implement in the old rendering system of Vision 2.3, but we are looking into it.
  10. Hey Daniel, Vision 2.3 was built initially back in....2006? So it's using a pretty old version of DirectX (7 I believe) which caused a few issues, like not being able to properly produce black. If you are still using Vision 2.3 try lowering exposure as well, as that is also attached to geometry. For the record, 2018 was just released and the installers can be found here: http://release.vectorworks.net/nnapub/all/2018/SP0/391023/Vision2018-391023-installer1-win.exe http://release.vectorworks.net/nnapub/all/2018/SP0/391023/Vision2018-391023-installer1-osx.dmg We've added bloom, performance improvements, better beams, animated haze, all sorts! We've also fixed that pesky control channel issue with things like the VL4k's. Capture devices are #1 on my list, and I make sure the dev team knows it, it would be great if you guys could let us know how it works out for your respective capture devices.
  11. Hey Gaspar, it looks like we just jumped to 2018 for public release. SP4 was a test build, but 2018 is a much, much better version. Here are the installers for those who need them: http://release.vectorworks.net/nnapub/all/2018/SP0/391023/Vision2018-391023-installer1-win.exe http://release.vectorworks.net/nnapub/all/2018/SP0/391023/Vision2018-391023-installer1-osx.dmg Check out the new environmental features, animated haze, buttery smoothness, and improved rendering quality!
  12. Hiccups I expect, especially out of offline editors, but it's great to hear that 2.6.1 is working. With the Design Summit and 2018 release, testing time has been limited. For those who haven't been notified, here are the installers: http://release.vectorworks.net/nnapub/all/2018/SP0/391023/Vision2018-391023-installer1-win.exe http://release.vectorworks.net/nnapub/all/2018/SP0/391023/Vision2018-391023-installer1-osx.dmg Check out the new environmental features, animated haze, buttery smoothness, and improved rendering quality!
  13. It surely did! We are working on getting together a features list and announcement post, but I think everyone is going to be super excited about this one. Vision 2018 looks amazing! And it runs buttery smooth! Here are the installers! http://release.vectorworks.net/nnapub/all/2018/SP0/391023/Vision2018-391023-installer1-win.exe http://release.vectorworks.net/nnapub/all/2018/SP0/391023/Vision2018-391023-installer1-osx.dmg
  14. This is big news, here's hoping 2.6.1 fixes the issue, but this isn't really a new thing. The ETC offline editors are notorious for not actually broadcasting things. Which is why the initial mac tests we ran had us thinking the mac version didn't broadcast. Because well...it didn't.