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Skylights are not showing up on elevation in hidden line mode

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Are they placed correctly? Placing skylights in roofs is, after all, like fixing a car with stone tools.


There was an earlier bug - thats been fixed - where the skylight penetration showed but not the frame. What VW version/updates are you running?


Other than that, an example file would be good to see the problem and help you. 



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On 20/04/2018 at 11:13 AM, Gadzooks said:

There was an earlier bug - thats been fixed


Sorry guys - seems this isn't the case. I think maybe the issue was fixed for OpenGL only.


This was the earlier thread - for info



1 hour ago, BG said:

I'm sure it is a bug with VW2018


Thanks for uploading the file BG. Yes - its has problems!


BTW - Saving the file back to 2017 enables hidden line without problems. Definitely not a solution but an observation.





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44 minutes ago, Hassan Raza said:

I believe I have placed them correctly. I am using Architect 2018 SP3.


I think the file BG posted shows the issue.  If you see them correctly in other render modes, but not in Hidden Line, then I'm sure it's the same bug I submitted.


44 minutes ago, Hassan Raza said:

Interestingly this forum is giving me an error when I am trying to upload a file with skylights but I am able to upload a VW file without it.


Now THAT is interesting! Is it a big file?

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On 4/23/2018 at 6:12 PM, Hassan Raza said:

File size is 300 kb


I have no idea how this could happen. No worries. The bug is understood and filed.


23 hours ago, Hassan Raza said:

How long does it take usually for Vectorworks to fix such issues?


All I can tell you is that the engineers know the severity of the problem and it has been assigned.

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Guys - Just to move this one on hopefully with a bit more info for the boffins (couldn't let it rest, it was irritating me)


Could someone try this for me and confirm please.


  • If I place the vellux skylight symbol in a roof it works in hidden line.
  • Take the skylight out and decompose the roof to leave roof faces.
  • Now place the skylight back in place.
  • Shows in OpenGL but not happy in hidden line.



Just realised if you leave the velux in place and decompose, you decompose the skylight in the same action. This has the result of splitting the window from the roof penetration. For those wanting a fix for this, it then shows in hidden line!! The downside is you've lost control of the skylight position/penetration.

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