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Clip cube perspective viewport

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Is there a way to create a viewport with a 3D view with a clip cube cutting throught the model. It seems as if the clip cube disappears with the switch of the clip cube being off . In other word, I am not trying to create a section view but a 3D view with clipped parts using the clip cube and keep the viewport setup for the clip cube ON whether or not the general setting for the clip cube is ON or OFF in the design layer later on. Hope that makes sense.


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This is a great video tip! 


In in the past I have also taken screen shots and pasted the image onto a sheet layer.


Can this technique be used for a iclip cube view that clips 2 or more parts of your model? E.g.a view of an internal staiR

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When the viewport is created, a Section class is also created. That is where the section plane properties are initially controlled from. All you need to do is to change the properties there.


The range of section cuts available to you can also be displayed in the advanced properties of the viewport.

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Ok, I figured what I was doing wrong. Did not follow your video properly, forgot to select the side of the clip cube prior to creating the viewport on the design layer. The other thing I noted is that the section attributes must be setup by class so that it takes the hatch that you want.

Got it now. Thanks again for your help. Best


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Hi, I faced a problem  during using clip cube on Vectorworks,  I want to make a section in "oblique cabinet 45' "view, but unfortunately all the point cloud turn into black. Moreover, I couldn't export image file from oblique view as well.  I will really appreciate if you could help me with this regards.

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