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Stage Skirting


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Anyone have a good workflow for easy stage skirting?  I would think that perhaps they would have just a "skirt stage" button on the creation tool.  I just get annoyed with having to alter the heights, set the top finishes, and mess with all the pleat settings for a lot of custom stages.  If its a square its easy enough, but its still sort of a pain.  Anyone have any good tips?

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Hey thanks for responding.  I do know about the border tools.  Thats what I do now, but I was hoping to see a top finish style that is more of a bunting style that has a sewn in tie back.  Its not that its a huge thing, I was just wondering if anyone had a better method.  More or less just me being lazy and wanting a "skirt the stage button" :-)

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While  I am thinking about it, often I will model an image l want to use as a texture and light it directly in VW.  I then take a screen shot of it and turn that into a useable texture. It’s quick and generally works like a champ. I’ve done that for my default staging skirts as an example. I’ll post an image or two once I am back at my computer. 

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