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Duplicate Marionette Object Bug

Nuno Antunes

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Dear All,


I'm starting with Marionette, and I really believe this could be a great tool. I want to implement Marionette in my Architecture Office, however it looks the Marionette is not very stable, and have strange behavior.


This a small example:

When I DUPLICATE a simple marionette object, it also duplicate an Input Variable "Dimension A".

This does not happen with a simple MOVE, or a COPY/PASTE command. And also if I enter in the marionette object and get out, the Duplicated Input Variable disappear.

Is there any one with similar problem?

Is there any thing wrong with my Marionette structure?


I kindly ask some help/ support from the Forum Team.


Hi @Marissa Farrell and @Alan Woodwell could give me some tip/ help on this?

Thank You in advance for your help.


Best regards


Ceiling V01.vwx

Marionette 01.png

Marionette 02.png

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I opened the file in VW2018 and the duplicate did in fact have two instances of Dimension A in the OIP.


I edited the script of the duplicate Marionette and when I exited, the second Dimension A was gone form the OIP.


In duplicating both the original and duplicate Marionette, I was unable to get Dimension A to double.


So, not repeatable in VW2018.



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Thank You All for the feedback.


I already updated to VW2018 and the problem disappear. Now I can Copy, Move, Duplicate with no problem.

But when changing the INPUT dimensions in OIP, sometimes it reset all the INPUTS to the original one.


This could be turn around changing the INPUT dimensions directly in the CODE tree, but I suppose that is not how should be.


Do you have any tip on this?

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Dear @Marissa Farrell @Alan Woodwell @Pat Stanford 


If you had a little time, to go through my Marionette Structure, it will be very appreciated your feedback.

As I'm starting with Marionette, I need an opinion of more experimented user, regarding the Structure/ Architecture of my Marionette Tree.


This is a simple 3D modeling for a rectangular Plasterboard Ceiling with a Cove around.

My structure 3D Model flow is organized like this:


1 - Input Values (dimensions)

2 - Simple Math Formulas (Add, Subb, Mult) to get the real demotions of each part

3 - Profile 2D Shape creation (Rectangle node)

4 - Define Attributes of the profile

5 - 3D Shape (Extrude node)

6 - Set Class of the 3D Shape

7 - Apply Texture 


Basic I repeat this 7 steps all over again for the different 3D elements of the ceiling.


This is the right way to do it?

I'm doing any thing wrong in the structure?

There is any step that I could improve or should do in a different way?

There is any limit for the dimension/ complexity of the Marionette Tree? 


Your opinion on this work will mean a lot to me, as I'm moving on with more Marionette Objects, and I do not want to repeat any error that I could be doing as a beginner 


Thank you in advance for your feedback.


Best regards,










Ceiling V05.png


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But when changing the INPUT dimensions in OIP, sometimes it reset all the INPUTS to the original one.


That is repeatable and happens always by the following steps :


1. If I duplicate a Marionette PIO (with alt-Key and selection tool drag and drop), which has the "reset after move" Option off, it do not change the input values in Object-Info

2. Changing the Object Info after step 1 it returns all Values to the default input which is stored in the script network

3. With the "reset after move" on the inputs reset after duplication as step 1


Workaround is, to first edit the script after it was duplicated and exit. Then the values from Object Info will be written inside the wrapper as default. This was already reported ...

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So every time I copy a Marionette object and I need to edit some measure it will reset the ALL variables? This make the use of Marionette objects very limited. 

My idea of marionette objects is to have an object with similar structure, but different measures, that I can copy and spread in my project. If in every copy, it resets, it will a crasy thing to control a it will totally lose any possible vantage on using Marionette objects.


And is not feasible that my architects edit directly the tree code, is not user friendly and it can not be integrated in the everyday workflow of the office.


Any one know if Marionette is already used in the workflow of an Architectural Office? 

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