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  1. Nuno Antunes

    Texture Size

    @Alan Woodwell and @Stephan Moenninghoff Thank you a LOT for your support. I would not do it without your tips. I’m moving on with Marionette!
  2. Nuno Antunes

    Texture Size

    This node only affect the Mapping of the Object, not the entire texture of the file, correct. I'm asking this because my objective is to correctly apply wood texture on a furniture (several pieces), and on this I will have wood veins in several different directions (using always the same wood texture). Once again, thank you for your help.
  3. Nuno Antunes

    Texture Size

    @Stephan Moenninghoff I believe I understand how this node Work. If for instance I want to rotate the Texture 90 degrees I should introduce in the SET TEXTURE MAP hObj - Object to control Type: Bolean iSelector - 4 (rotate2D) itemValue - 90 If I want to OffsetX the texture 15 meters, I should introduce a second SET TEXTURE MAP node with hObj - Object to control Type: Bolean iSelector - 1 (OffsetX) itemValue - 15 (meters) Please confirm if is this?
  4. Nuno Antunes

    Texture Size

    @Stephan Moenninghoff Tank you very much for your fast reply. Looking at your BOX object, I identify that the NODE that control the texture is the "SET TEXTURE MAP". I do not know if there is any documatantion explaining how this node work? What I need is to control offsetX, offsetY, scale2D, rotate. This will enter in the iSelector input. Do you know how this data should be input? There are several value that will enter in the same input!? How should be done? Thank you very much for your support/ help.
  5. Nuno Antunes

    Applying and editing a texture map in marionette

    That’s fantastic! Here I m still in Sunday night 😉
  6. Nuno Antunes

    Marionette Objects Relentlessly Reset

    @willofmaine I m giving Marionette a 3th chance with the Vectorworks 2019. Let see how it go!
  7. Nuno Antunes

    Texture Size

    Hi, do you get any solutions for these? I’m having the same problem (control the size and rotation of an texture). You have found any additional nodes help in the last Vectorworks versions ?
  8. Nuno Antunes

    Texture Mapping with Marionette

    It is possible to mapping with Marionette. When I apply an texture to an Object, I do not have any control of it (rotation, scale). There is any Marionette Node that control the Mapping of the Texture similar to what we found in the Render tab of each object. Some node where we can control the Scale, Offset H, Offset V, Rotation, Repeat, Flip. Thank you in advance for your help.
  9. Nuno Antunes

    Applying and editing a texture map in marionette

    Hi @Alan Woodwell, very good work on Marionette, and thank you for share all the files and you knowledge I'm trying to apply textures in marionette, but I do not know how to control it. How can I control the mapping of the texture (Scale, Offset H, Offset V, Rotation, Flip, Repeat)? There is any special node for this? In your Marionette Frame 2, when we start to introduce deferents sizes, the picture do not fit or even rotate in a vertical format. Do you have found any solution for this? There are new nodes in the Vectorworks 2019? Thank you for your help
  10. Hi @Chad Hamilton HAarchs thank you for your feedback . just to confirm, you use: - on title block file with common info - for each layout, for each file you create a viewport of this file question: the individual info/data of each layout (page number, title drawing, scale drawing, drawer, date...) is inserted on each layout?
  11. Nuno Antunes

    Marionette Functional for Me!!

    I will try again! I have used Blueprint code in UE4 and the Xpresso on C4D with great results and improvements on my office Workflow. I was hopping that Marionette could do the same with Vectorworks
  12. Nuno Antunes

    Marionette Functional for Me!!

    Great News! Has you I had given twice a trie on Marionette. In the second round I even introduced it in the workflow of the office 3 objects I have created (automatic ceiling coves, automatic standard facade, automatic skirting) ....it works....but with so much pain, file crashes, file slow down, strange resets for the original shape ....in the end do not pay the enfort : The time to Create the Marionette + the time to solve is issues in each file > The time to do it Manually Old Fashion Style (doing the same little tasks repeatedly) Reading you, I probably will give Marionette a third trying it it is really more stable....no bugs ...no strange behaviors....no crash every object update?
  13. Hi, it should be easy. On the Record you create several data entries: Finishing Price 1 Finishing Price 2 Finishing Price 3 On the object Data you fill the Price for each finishing Than on the Worksheet you call which price you want to see . i hope this will help you
  14. Hi @ericjhberg and @Art V , you have found a solution for your problem? I'm also looking for something similar: a common data File that contain all the Project main info (Project ID, Project Name, Address, Client, etc) and than, some how spread this information to several File Projects and its Layouts inside. Please share your knowledge
  15. Regarding Marionette, It something that are rely being used by common users, in daily work? Looking at the Marionette Forum Gallery it looks like there are not so much users/ shares (the majority of shared files are from people from or working for Vectorworks). I confess that I have given a trie (two times) to Marionette, and it is something that we can not rely on. It is not stable, the files with Marionette tends to crash down, to heavy to open (simple structure). There will be some improvements on this field (very promising, but not delivering)?


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