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Enrique Carmona

convert vwx to dwg

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   "Sanctuary Floor Plan.vwx" and "Eaton Hall Floor Plan Renovations.vwx" do not appear to be VW files when opened with a text editor. They both start with headers that look like they may be AutoCAD files.


"Sanctuary Floor Plan.vwx" starts with "AC1018" and,

"Eaton Hall Floor Plan Renovations.vwx" starts with "AC1021".


Change their file extensions to".dwg" and open them with AutoCAD, or import them into the program of your choice (that reads DWG files).


The other two files are VW files. I'll let someone with better experience in doing DWG Exports help you there.



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Wow, thank you all so much! Raymond, I was able to open those files for Eaton Hall and the Sanctuary by changing the file name to .dwg. Who knew? And then thank you so much MichaelK, those .dwg files are so crucial to the project, thank you for converting them for me. So great!


Thanks again! Samantha 

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Hi there, 


Could someone please convert these files to AutoCAD 2018? 



Thank you!

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Would any body be able to convert this to Autocad 2017 for me please? 



It's a house I've been asked to do some work on but the Vectorworks originator is stating that he can't convert to .dwg or .dxf format. Which from the very quick internet search (that led me to this helpful forum) seems to be inaccurate. 

Many thanks


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@michaelk Thanks you ever so much. I've just downloaded it and it's brilliant. Am I right in assuming that I will need to go back to the client and ask them for the First and second floor drawing? My knowledge of vectorworks is minimal I'm afraid. In Autocad I might expect the entire project to be contained in one file, does vectorworks work in a similar way (I am aware that there are possibly '100 ways to skin a cat' as the saying goes) but from your experience of vectorworks (which seems pretty robust) would you have any insight on a situation like this? Do projects always get split into floors? Has this creator done something odd? Am I asking far too many questions???

Many thanks again for your time. It is very much appreciated.



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That was all that was in the file. 


Yes, in VW (even more than AC) the whole project including resources are typically included in one file.


VW can also reference other files, very similar to XRef in AC.  Not sure if this file was referenced into another drawing.



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Thanks again @michaelk, I assumed that as VW is a 3D programme all the info should have been contained in one file. The file name (P 02) matches with the drawing number for the Ground floor layout, so I'm guessing that the originator has sent a file for the paperspace (as we'd call it in AC) referencing the model as you described. I've gone back to the clieant asking them to source the other files showing the remaining floors. We shall see what happens, still not sure why the originator isn't able to do the conversion though, that's really very confusing!

Thanks again for your help with this. Very kind indeed.


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