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Window Sill

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There are a couple things going on :-)


You have the wall set to render by object (rather than by component).  And you have the right side set to have Texture-4.  The left side of the wall is always the outside.  Change the texture setting to the left side and it will behave as expected.  OIP > Render Tab > Mode: By Object > Part: Left > Texture: Texture-4


(Go to top plan view.  Select a wall.  There will be an arrow on one end of the wall.  If you were to stand on that arrow facing the same direction, the "left" side of the wall would be on your left.  If you always draw your exterior walls going clockwise, you'll get it right.)




You could set the wall to render by component.  Then go into the resource manager,  and edit the components to either have a texture or use a class texture.  The first component on top of the list is always the left side of the wall.


It's confusing at first.  Post back if you have more questions.



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