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How to edit a referenced dwg. imported into Vectorworks 2017

clare weeks


We are having difficulty editing a dwg. imported from CAD into Vectorworks 2017


See screengrab image highlighting the problem.


In the OIP the file is shown as DWG - Referenced. This I think is preventing us from editing the content (although we can see all of the plan drawings).


If I try and import the dwg. without checking the "Reference" option we can only view the first drawing in the dwg. file.


If I import and check the "Reference" option we can view all plan drawings but can't edit.


The layer is set to "Design Layer".


What are we doing wrong? Thanks!

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 11.22.15.png

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As far as I remember, the reference option is there so that you can see the converted file within a viewport. You cannot edit a reference drawing. You will need to set up the Project sharing to truly share collaboratively but I think it doesn't deal with DWG's. The referenced viewport will however continuously update if the DWG changes at all.



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As markdd says, you cannot edit a referenced drawing viewport.  It seems like the dwg you are importing has reference(s) [xrefs] pointing to another dwg which may or may not be broken. If you want to edit the content in VW, and if you have access to the original dwg file that is being referenced, you could import that and edit that content, and set up new references as needed.  However, the collaboration is then changed, and the original dwg is no longer read.  I'm not sure if this is OK in your workflow.  I may also have misunderstood completely.

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Thanks Mark and Gytis for your advice.

You are correct we have the original dwg. file. The file came from one of our partners - a firm of architects and structural engineers.


We simply need to import their dwg which includes a measured survey of the property we are designing in order to access the house dimensions and redesign the interior as appropriate. So it's ok for workflow.


The issue we have is when we import the original dwg. content is imported in vmx in an orange box which we can't edit. 

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To reiterate: I suspect there are two dwg files. The one you have been trying to import only contains what you call "the first drawing," and then reference(s) to a second dwg.  You need to find and import the second dwg in order to edit its content.


To facilitate this, in the vwx file with the import, go to Tools>Organization..> References Tab.  If I am right, there should be file name here that is different from the one you have been trying to work with.  Navigate to, and import that file.


If there is no file listed under the References Tab, I am at a loss.

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A related note about dwg imports and dwg classes:


One downside of importing dwg geometry directly into your project file is that this also establishes all those dwg classes in the vwx project file.  There is an option to add a prefix in the import dialog which can help organize the dwg classes in the vwx file.


Another, often better work flow, is to import the dwg into a separate, blank vwx file, often refered to as a "shuttle file", then reference the vwx shuttle file into the project file, or make one or several Design layer view ports of the shuttle file in the project file. When updated dwgs arrive, import them to the shuttle file, or create new shuttle files with new reference paths or new DLVPs. Takes some file management, but keeps the vwx project file tidy and safe from huge class lists and other flotsom on the dwgs.



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