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  1. Has there been any progress on this? I would like to use The Image processing node, but any time I try to run it and do the PIL install, VW immediately crashes.☹️ Finding the right "Pillow" and manually installing it seems a bit dicey for a plain ol' Marionetter like myself......
  2. Thank you for this! Fantastic. I fear it is buried for many behind a python script.
  3. To be certain: copy the file name, paste it into a search, and then import into a fresh VW file.
  4. I guess I can't miss what I haven't experienced, not using Photoshop. I'm used to working with VW guides. Sounds good though.
  5. I don't know if they will work as you wish, but in Modify>Guides menu there are a number of options for creating and modifying Guides in a dedicated class which is locked by default. Very snappable.
  6. To reiterate: I suspect there are two dwg files. The one you have been trying to import only contains what you call "the first drawing," and then reference(s) to a second dwg. You need to find and import the second dwg in order to edit its content. To facilitate this, in the vwx file with the import, go to Tools>Organization..> References Tab. If I am right, there should be file name here that is different from the one you have been trying to work with. Navigate to, and import that file. If there is no file listed under the References Tab, I am at a loss.
  7. As markdd says, you cannot edit a referenced drawing viewport. It seems like the dwg you are importing has reference(s) [xrefs] pointing to another dwg which may or may not be broken. If you want to edit the content in VW, and if you have access to the original dwg file that is being referenced, you could import that and edit that content, and set up new references as needed. However, the collaboration is then changed, and the original dwg is no longer read. I'm not sure if this is OK in your workflow. I may also have misunderstood completely.
  8. You could also give Marissa Farrell's Marionette object a spin. threaded rod
  9. One thing to check would be the class assignment of the lines you are missing. Then see if they are set to Visible in your viewports. For that matter, ditto for design layers.
  10. Gytis

    Curious Problem

    Thanks Jim for the thought and explanation, but I wasn't clear. I downloaded the file and saved it locally, not in Dropbox. So I don't think that's the issue. On the other hand..... Thanks BCD, I was thinking similarly and am in the (unfortunately awkward) position of asking for a new file saved in wireframe. I'll let you know what happens.
  11. I'm a bit befuddled. When I try to open a .vwx 2017 file shared via Dropbox, VW struggles to open it, gets stuck in the "Geometry" progress bar, and then crashes spectacularly. The screen fills with a grid of repeating complex pixel patterns which change spontaneously and also when certain keys are pressed. I would take a screenshot, but the worst part is that the machine is locked up on this screen. I have to Force Shutdown. It is an older (early 2011) MacBookPro and I am away from my trusty MacPro. The file is largish but not extreme at 315 MB and I am unsure of its contents, presumably a partial model of a house fleshed-out with various bits of plants, fixtures, and furniture. I have repeatedly restarted my machine. I have downloaded fresh copies of the file. I have installed a fresh copy of VW. Plenty of other files are fine. Any ideas or experiences?
  12. I don't know about the Teigha error, but have seen several threads about it. May want to search "Teigha"
  13. Odd. This is what I see in Windows 7 on Chrome (on a shared computer).
  14. It's the splash page if you click on Marionette at the top of any Vectorworks webpage, right after Explore, Activity, Knowledgebase....i.e Home>Marionette
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