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  1. Oh thank you very much! You have been very helpful today.
  2. I really would like to import (i.e. don't want to model from scratch) the following Revit file, but it is in Revit 2010, one year before the cut-off for imports to 2017. Any kind person out there able to open and save this file in a later version of Revit?
  3. Thank you rDesign, even if it's not the answer I want. Missed that thread on my search.
  4. Say you have a Slab object (suspended ceiling) modified with 3D symbols (recessed light fixtures). If you need to edit the symbol locations, is there a way to see geometry from other layers in the Edit Modifiers dialogue to help with placement? I can't find a way. Show Other Objects is on.
  5. Thanks Jim for the quick reply. Ah well.....
  6. I'm trying to import a manufacturer's Revit model which has the file extension .rfa, but VW gives me an error message that this type of Revit file is not supported. According to documentation it is....what gives? File attached in
  7. @Chris: not about rubber stamp per se, so I'm kind of hijacking the thread. I am/have been in a similar quandary with interiorCad only providing what I usually need in version 2014, so I am stuck there, except for a few frameless/slab door projects I could do in 2016/17. So I was wondering, how are things in your workflow using 2017 without the faceframe and frame-and-panel cabinet fronts options available in interiorCad? Are you using the VW cabinets? Or modeling everything manually?
  8. I see the drawback to Extrude Along Path as the finicky-ness of editing the path, especially given a more complex one. The nice thing (among other things)of a Marionette Object like Alan's is that when you edit the control geometry you are using the standard polyline editing protocol.
  9. thank you michael--exactly what I was looking for, and so easy
  10. I can't figure this out. For a set of objects with a record, how do I limit my database worksheet to show each Item # once only. That is, NOT to show multiple instances of an Item #, just the first that shows up. At present I have each instance of fixtures appearing.
  11. Just a bit of clarification. The Drilling 3D and other tools generally work with a base object called a "Custom Part." They do not work with other types of VW objects. In the example, one would have to make the ceiling from a Custom Part, not extrude or floor or..... That being said, they are some amazing tools.
  12. Well, instead of manually, I used "report" to create the worksheet and all is good. Thanks again Pat.
  13. Thanks for that Pat. Unfortunately it only changes the dynamic a little. WS2.tif
  14. I am having trouble associating a worksheet with a record format generated by the Detail Bubble tool. I have tried various things to no avail. Attached are screenshots of both worksheet and record. I suspect there is something wrong with the syntax of database headers, since the just generate selves, but don't know. Attached are screen shots. Thanks.
  15. For anyone interested: There is a new Vectorworks User Group located in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York, USA, centered on the city of Poughkeepsie. We meet about every 6-8 weeks. Our next meeting is July 27. This Eventbrite link has details. Our topic will be 3D Modeling, Continued. You may reply or PM me with any questions. Thank you.