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Revit files can now be opened outside of Revit, will Vectorworks use this?

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This could be extremely useful, since almost all product manufacturers who provide 'BIM' models usually only provide Revit families.

I'm almost certain that Autodesk will sue to stop this, just like they tried for years to stop OpenDWG.

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Thanks for the support for Revit import as well as moving it to the wish list, that saves me from creating a wish list item.

Even though I'm not really using BIM at the moment I can see the potential benefits for being able to directly exchange files with Revit as there seems to be a push to incorporate BIM technologies outside architecure (e.g. for civil constructions/infrastructure objects) so it is only a matter of time for this to become an issue for non-architects as well. I'd rather use Vectorworks than Revit just like I prefer VW over AutoCAD for some of the work.

If I understood it correctly the current version of the ODA API for Revit files is for converting it to DWG files, so I'm not sure how much of an issue this would be for Vectorworks as it may mean importing/exporting DWG files before conversion from/to Revit. Vectorworks could do this internally during the import/export of Revit files but it may put some constraints on objects that can be used. It would also require improving some DWG compatibility as well, which is always welcome.

Jim, do you have any idea what the issues could be when trying to implement this Revit import/export option as it is now?

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Vw2017 now allows you to import Revit files directly:


Architects and landscape professionals must be prepared to exchange data with other BIM collaborators. In Vectorworks software, you can now import Revit files directly, allowing you to take advantage of manufacturer-specic objects that are available as Revit families to enhance a Vectorworks library or to collaborate more effectively with other designers and contractors throughout the lifecycle of your project.


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34 minutes ago, rDesign said:

Vw2017 now allows you to import Revit files directly:

Unfortunately no export to Revit yet, maybe this will follow in a service pack once the ODA has further updated their Revit API/Libraries. Though being able to import Revit files is a very welcome improvement, so it''s still a glass half full.

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13 minutes ago, Art V said:

Thanks for clarifying, I only did a quick read so apparently missed that tidbit as there was talk about writing Revit files as well.

From that announcement:


Q: Do you expect 100% write compatibility with Revit?

A: It reads all geometry and other data, rendering is not 100%. The writing function is still be implemented, as is the ability to save in earlier releases. The RVT format is quite complex, and so there is no byte-by-byte write interface. But customers can write their model data


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Just now, Genevieve Raynauld said:

Where is the Reputation button? sorry I'am new :S


For this thread, the feature was already included in 2017, so no more votes are needed. In the top left of Wishlist and Troubleshooting threads, there is the Vote widget to add your voice to requests for new features or fixes for old ones. In threads that do not have the widget at the top left, where it's more of a general discussion topic, the Reputation button is at the bottom right of a post, with little red and gree up and down arrows, but those have evolved more into agreement with the author of the post separate from agreement with the feature being implemented. It's a new system, so people are still settling into its use, but I am able to track all the highest Voted as well as Reputed items for our records here.

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