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A Rectangle-Node, which has nearly the same capabilities like the rectangle tool users already know. Also it supports angle input and calculates edge-points to insert edge points.

So many enhanced nodes are available here on the community-board. Will they find a way into the standard content anytime?

This would save so much time for beginners and pros. who do not check daily the community-board.

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The issue with including user content in default content is that I believe we would need explicit permission to ship with it.

I'm not sure where we're headed with regards to that, but to my understanding, we should soon have a better way to organize on the forums, in the very least.

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And we all know, there always is a lake of girlpower (manpower). Someone had to copy/paste (I think this is allowed since the beginning of Software-engeneering :-), judge and coordinate the Node content. That costs time but it will be worth ...

I just see, that we have a really potential tool and it has so much natural advantages compared to competitive software (It is totally integrated, no separate tool and acess to the complete BIM Objects and Record).

Vectorworks you are in front! Just lap them for once.

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The announced new Resource Manager in Vw2017 will allow users search online resource repositories for symbols, RW textures, etc.

Maybe the Resource Manager could be expanded to allow searching an online repository of Marionette nodes (hosted by Vectorworks) which would have nodes organized and tagged by function, type, etc.

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Tim, you are right. Thanks for this good idea.

There can be used search-tags, to find the requested nodes with cached index ( in real-time speed), very exciting ...!

If we look at the left menu, there is a possibility to access the Vectorworks Service Select Content.

But it will be still some work necessary from Vectorworks Inc. to collect, sort out, provide, put it on the server and manage this contents. I think local distributors could make this with their own content management.

There is a good chance the pain of searching the community board for marionette ressources can have an end soon :-)

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Power tool rectangle. how cool is that.

Easy when you know how.

Best part about having these things posted here is the look and learn capabilities of them.

For me its understanding how the nodes work and then adding in parts of the Python that i am learning.

Thanks for sharing them.

Also by posting here it gets ones mind working for am sure Dom wouldn't have done this without this post.

I was going to do exactly this next but you beat me to it.

Yea right LOL

You can have lots of fun with this one.

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