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purge colors

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I made some changes to classes (color used) and then ran the command and it removed a few more, but the button "purge unused" is still ...um err... "live", not grayed out that is.

Are some colours still manually assigned (i.e. not "by class") to objects and/or symbols? If yes then you will not be able to purge that colour. Especially with imported dwg symbols this can be a pain at times.

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To purge unused colors, go to the "Attributes" panel and select the fill color



In the top right is the "Color Palett Manager", select this


Then on the LHS select "Colors in Active Document" the "Purge Unused" button at the bottom is now active, press and it will ask you to confirm you want to purge unused colors.



Hope this helps

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Expanding on this, I wish there was a way to delete used colors and replace them with another color in the document (much like the prompt you get when deleting a Class that is in use).


For example, I often end up with two different named colors like "Gray-50" and "50% Gray" that are otherwise identical (often happens when importing other resources). It would be nice to consolidate the colors.

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