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Roof bug


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There's also an "Add Surface" issue with roof faces. When adding a polygon to a roof face the surface of the roof face behaves like coincident planes when viewed in Open GL. Editing the underlying roof face polygon and adding there produces the expected result.

Clip Surface works as expected.

Let me know if you need an example.


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There are definitely several roof bugs in VW2016 - I expect engineering is feverishly working to track & resolve them in the next Service Pack.

You may find that regenerating the roof will bring it back to life.

Try - Tools>Utilities>Reset All Plugins

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This has been noted as a bug as I understand.

Turn off class in top plan view and you can’t touch it, Rotate to 3d (hit 1 on keyboard) and you can’t see it, go back to top plan view and it’s still on.

To turn it off - With the class on in top plan view rotate to 3d and turn class off, rotate back to top lane and its off.

Strange behaviour.

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