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Very strange 3D problem

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I have been working with a student building a 3D model of a black box theater. Her vw file is the same as everyone else's in class, but we're having a stranger problem when we switch to any view other than top/plan.

When you use the flyover tool, blank spaces appear and "erase" parts of the model. All of her wall appear hollow (I have extruded objects in her file and found the same problem, she's not doing it wrong.)

I have attached some jpgs showing the issue.


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Something is corrupted in your file or its potentially a bug. I've seen this graphics issue before and it will usually be solved by copying and pasting into a clean file. In your case it can't. I would submit it to tech support or perhaps Jim will see this thread and take a look.

I've seen this happen quite often with the Educational Version for some reason.


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All looks good on a powerful computer but I am sure if you try to rotate on a smaller computer in the render mode (Fast Render mode) that the file is set to when I opened it there will be some lag till your graphics card catches up.

Does the blank spots occur in openGl when rotating??

This will tell you.

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I think there is something in your file causing problems so i copied parts over to a new drawing and got the following results without changing anything. I think I copied all the parts over except the bits outside the room.

Couldn't see what was causing the problem but after i copied the items over the colour started to show immediately and i have not altered any settings only started an new drawing and copied over bit by bit.

See if this is ok??

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I am not sure it is corrupted I believe it is an issue with OpenGL and the light as it works fine in all other renders.

Something has changed wrt OpenGL rendering and lights in 2015 (from at least sp 2 and maybe sp 1).

That may be true. But if you take a look at the original file exhibiting the problem its actually rendered in Fast Renderworks.....


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