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VW2015 crash

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I've been hitting the eyedropper tool pretty heavily with no crashes.

I've only seen crashes when:

1. Hitting Undo while editing a worksheet

2. Doing a Convert Copy to Lines on a big mesh object downloaded from a 3d library site.

I've had one or two other crashes, but no evident cause. In both cases I had at least 3 large VW documents open.


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I've been getting the same problems.

The eyedropper tool only works the first time when starting up Vectorworks, then it's crash the second time I use it.

I've mostly used the eyedropper tool inside a symbol.

Both clicking on the icon or using a hotkey will result in a crash.

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I've been picking up fill, pen, and text attributes mostly.

After using the dimension tool inside a symbol, when I try to use the eyedropper tool to grab the attributes of other dimension lines, the programs crashes.

I can replicate this consistently following the steps above.

The work around is I just hit save before using the eyedropper, quit the program, then open it again and use the eyedropper once. Every time after the first will crash.

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