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Importing and editing CAD File from appliance manufacturer

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Hi, I'm working on a kitchen design that requires Thermador appliances. I'm used to getting away with generic symbols from the VW libraries and explaining to clients that the purchased appliances will fit in designated area etc. Anyway, I want to learn how to download and import CAD files of appliances and manipulate them into position etc. so they work and look like the supplied library files.

First off, on Thermadors website, there a 3 files to choose from; ArchiCAD, Revit and DWG Format. I downloaded the DWG file to my computer (MBP) and imported file into VW using import single DXF/DWG... It does import but is extremely small and when I zoom in it's front is facing me in top/plan view. I'm lost after that and if anybody has any ideas, videos etc. for me to set up these appliances properly, I'd dearly appreciate it. I'm a lite user here working mainly on kitchens, bathrooms etc. with VW2014 and interiorCAD 2014.

Thank you,


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DWG files usually import to the correct scale. But if they don't, you just need to do a quick measurement and scale them up by using the Modify-Scale command. Enter the dimension desired, and then the dimension you are getting, VW will handle the rest. Be sure to scale on all axes if they are 3d.

As for things not being oriented correctly, just group everything and spin it around til it works, use command L I think on a Mac to rotate by 90 degrees.

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Hi John. I do this fairly frequently, and with the same set-up you're using. My thoughts:

With respect to thermador specifically, the options they give for the different CAD files are 2D front views, so you will only get that view regardless of whether you're in top/plan or otherwise. If you choose the first option they give "CAD file", it will be a usable 3D model. When you import the model, make sure the model space units are not determined automatically, but use a custom scale of 1:1 (this is set in the first dialog box when you import the file). This should take care of the scaling issue. Once you have the model imported, play around with the auto-hybrid functions in the AEC menu.

Next, I find it easier to use sketch-up models wherever possible. Take advantage of the sketch-up's 3D warehouse. Search the warehouse, and see if there is a model of the appliance you're using. If there is, try it - but always check that the sizes match what the manufacturer's specs say. These are not alway models submitted by the manufacturer themselves so there could be inaccuracies.

Hope this helps.

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There are 3d files which you can purchase from Extra Group although they will probably not have Thermador. You may need to contact them direct. I know they have Miele and AEG

They also have kitchen accessories:


You could try these files which are pretty comprehensive from NZ based Fisher and Paykel. They are the guys who do the Dishdraw.


Be aware that they have all the interior componentry ie glass and stainless so they will slow renders. We tend to put these on a class and then turn off that class

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Lots of good advice. Just want to add a note of caution regarding file size.

Some manufacturer's 3D Models (Viking, some Subzero, some Haefele) is incredibly detailed, as in every curved, miniscule jet, every internal plastic extrusion. Some people might need this, most kirchen design does not.

The problem for VW is that the models import as inefficient 3D meshes which can be upwards of 80MB for each appliance. Needless to say this can bog down files, and make renders long or hung.

It is sometimes a job, but I strip out all the internal items and as much external as I can while still representing what I need to. The edits end up much like VW's internal symbol libraries.

Another a note of caution, this about Sketchup models--they are usually not manufacturer models, but made by users. I've experienced them as usually pretty accurate, but not always. If fit is critical, a back-chcek to manufacturer data might be called for.

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