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Fit pillar to Roof Face

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And more questions

I am creating this in a new topic to make it easy for further searches.

I need help with a pillar and a roof. for some reason i cant i find a way to do the fit wall to roof with a pillar..

I have a roof face and i want the roof to trim the pillar


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The only way I know of is to reduce the height of the Pillar. For rough modeling just reduce it until it no longer poke through the top of the roof. If you need more precision, cut section through the Pillar & Roof, measure the exact dimension you need, then go back to the Design Layer and set the Pillar height accordingly.

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To fit plug-in column objects precisely to the roof, I normally convert them to group, then convert them to NURBS. When they are NURBS, I can project them precisely to roof face.

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The Pillar tool needs an option to have a raking top so it can connect correctly to the underside of framing members. It is a fundamental need that is not currently possible.

The Pillar tool also needs options:

- for base and cap plates.

- to be inclined (a fairly common architectural need).

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TheTrim Tool will cut a Pillar, Column or Pilaster object. Result is a solid section (or a pair of Solid Sections - just delete the unneeded one) with history retaining the original PIO. A NURBS surface can also be used as a sectioning object.

Tiago, try this:

Adjust pillar height to extend above roof.

Extract the lower surface of your roof (Extract Tool, Surface Mode in the 3d modeling tool set)

Select both the pillar and the newly created surface.

Then Model>Section Solids. In the dialog, click the arrows if needed until the roof surface is highlighted and click OK to accept.

Delete the upper portion of the resulting Solid Section.

Good luck!


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