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  1. Lol HOrst This is not for a war campaign rest assured. The trace bitmap is useless here, i am using pollilines to model everything. It's starting to take form, next are the windows and doors and slabs
  2. If the windows and doors work without the walls then i'm fine without using them yes.. It is only for rendering and showing not to use in a actual project so... I will try using Modify > Trace Bitmap: option and see how it goes, thanks If it goes well i will come back to show how it went
  3. Hi there. i have a doubt What would be the best way to model this to 3d as a building?
  4. HI guys I am making a building with 4 floors and i need to know one thing. The stair is it better to make one per floor or can i make it work since floor 1 to floor 4? If i only need to make one stair it would be awesome and it would work better. Any Idea?
  5. Guys i need help I made work in vw 2010 and now i need to export it or print it as DWF with active layers. But i cant find a good solution. When i export them to pdf they show the active layers but i cant print it to dwf with them on. The other solution is to export it to dwg and then print it but the quality is crappy and unless i lose another week around it ( with i can't do) it wont look how i need it to look... Any solution? Thanks for the help
  6. Solved the problem adding 0 before the numbers. Thanks for the help it solved my problem just in time. Thank you
  7. Solved the doors and windows problem... they were in a very very weird class, still wondering how they ended there... the Report. is better but still not by numerical order.. it jumps form 1 to 10 and only after that it becomes correct
  8. Hello again Sorry to ask but, not a single solution? Thanks for the help
  9. Hey there I am having problems with the space reports, they are not in numerical order (1-2-3-4-5). How can i solve it? 1 The other problems is that my doors and windows vanished, they show in the views and in 3d but not in the plants. 2 the classes are on. Thanks for the help Using vectorworks 2010
  10. Sorry to keep this up guys but unless i find a solution i will have to re start the works i have in 2d to be able to fulfill the time limits... (no excuse i know but i really would like to improve) thanks in advance for the help
  11. Dunno if this topic is still active and viable but here i go ( i know that i shouldn't ask for this but i am having a hard time configuring and making it work properly) Can someone send me a file or and example of a work of a house remodeling? ( i am working in 2010) I need to see something working or i wont be able to surpass this job in time. I was finally able to put the colors in place but right now the sections representations and son on are not staying as they should... they show to far behind the wall as an xray and so on... and some parts of the construction wall is still not working accordingly... that's why i am asking for a working example for me to inspect ( if possible) dunno if it is to much to ask.. 01 03
  12. Thanks for the help... here is the result of the work made with your advices, i still need a lot more of improvement but this is a beginning 01 02 03 04 05
  13. And more questions I am creating this in a new topic to make it easy for further searches. I need help with a pillar and a roof. for some reason i cant i find a way to do the fit wall to roof with a pillar.. I have a roof face and i want the roof to trim the pillar example
  14. I worked perfectly thanks after i went and used the roof face tool just to check what was happening and the problem was a few missed lines there. solved them and used the toll and now it is working. thanks i am having other problem now though ( haven't tried the 2 roof yet, but i will try it soon) with the window curved wall. when i use the fit to curved wall toll this happens l1 l2 any idea of how to solve this?
  15. When i do this the program says that can't make the roof...
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