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  1. I think you might have to call Tech Support for this issue. Have you recently installed any new apps. on your machine. I one time install "MyPC Backup" and VW didn't like it, so it won't start. More likely it's a software conflict issue.
  2. Go to Tools>Option>VW Pref. In the Display Tab, make sure Create Text Without Fill is unchecked.
  3. Or you can just draw a polyline and attribute it w/ the right color and opacity. You can do that straight in VW or you can do that later in PS if you happen to export your rendered image out to Shop to manipulate it further.
  4. Why can't you create a generic wall type and make your hatch a custom texture and apply that texture to a blank wall?
  5. First, you are choosing the right application. I've tried them all and decided VW is my weapon of choice -- so versatile! Second, you download the stuffs from the warehouse into Sketchup first, give that SU file a name and then import that file directly into VW using import SU option. it should work, but what you'll get is shape w/o information i.e. symbol. You can even import buildings from Google Earth into VW that way. However, you'll have to material them afterward.
  6. Agreed! I just think in term of model and render something quick to express the idea to clients.
  7. Yes, it's looking good! I am learning here, and I am learning from you guys. . . . But why don't we use the simple method of subtract solid? Just put a working plane on the wall, create the geometries, choose both objects and subtract solid. I can get identical look with this simpler method.
  8. You have to create a Class in the Navigation Pallet; edit that class and put a tick mark on Use at Creation, Fill Solid, Pen Solid; At the bottom of Edit Classes Dialog Box click Other and put a tick mark on Use Texture at Creation and Texture and select your texture you just created. Create your slab and assign it with the New Class; Render it and you will see as I did in this image.
  9. You told me different. You said you're trying to arrange a photograph as a texture for the site model. Mapping tool can control image resource, but if you have texture that is not an image base, you have to edit that resource.
  10. What happened, Vince? I've been playing with roof quite a bit and have been lucky. . . . If I can, I like to share my luck with you.
  11. Hum. . . . You gotta have the designer package then, you are missing out tooo much!
  12. Speaking of hardscapes, since he is creating out of the ordinary slab, he can use the hardscape tool to set up information for take-off. The hardscape tool is versatile for many different types of material counting.
  13. You have to create a new resource with that image; draw an area of your site on your design layer which ever it is; assign that resource to the area. By then, you can use the mapping tool to manipulate the image.
  14. I have a same machine as yours almost, but I have 16GB of RAM. That happened to me before. I think the graphic card is warming up. Save and close your file, shut your machine down for a while. When you re-opened your file, make some adjustments i.e. shut down all objects that you can not see I views. Re-render to see what happens.
  15. Yes, there are many ways to model and yours is one way. As far as material take-off. You will have to enter the formula yourself i.e. 8'x10x4" is one cubic yard.
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