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What use is the "Display viewport cache" option?

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Yes, there are rare times when it is more convenient not to.

I'll take your word for it.

But most times I agree with you. I think the default should be ON (instead of OFF as it is now).

Agreed, crazy default setting. What would also really useful is if VW remembered the user's preference indefinitely (for a whole bunch of settings).

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I once tried to work with the option off for the reason to get the file size down. I was wrong doing this. You then have to re-render viewports that where finished days ago and weren't affected by the changes you made in the meantime. You don't have a clear view on what each viewport shows when just opening the drawing. ....

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On the other hand, I don't know how to purge the viewports so that I can send a file and have it not be massive.

I wish the viewport cache was set to "always on".

I think a solution to the file size when sending could be some sort of command that clears the viewport cache? So that it's always on and that the user needs to clean the cache when they want it and need it.

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Yes, or as I wished a post or two ago, to have the viewports render to a separate file. That way they could be included, albeit separately, or not included. It also gives the user the ability to open the viewport in a different program (illustrator, photoshop) and work over the top of them.

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