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I attempted a batch plot of 5 sheets, VW froze on me so I had to initiate a force quit on my session. Upon relaunching the software and opening my project file I get this message:

Unexpected end of file encountered during file read operation (failure on attempt to read file)

This same message I also get when I try to open the backup file as well. Once the file does open about half the model, including all my sheet files are GONE. I have a client meeting in 2 hours.


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Just in case:

I don't know which backup you are looking at. But recent versions of VW create a backup folder and place a backup copy of the file in it for each AutoSave action initiated by VW. The default location of this auto backup folder is same folder where the active file is located. There may be several backup files in that folder from different times. Try them all.

Or you might have a TimeMachine or other external software backup in addition to the autosave ones?

Your only choice may be to remake as many sheets as you have time for. Save them as PDF and plot/print the pdfs.

Good luck! Sorry for your troubles.


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