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  1. Steve, 2.5 gb is the limit before crashing and save memory errors. Section Veiwports with Site DTM seem to effect the climb to this limit faster than without SiteDTM.
  2. Christiaan, We have not seen this issue, here is a pipe turned into an Auto Hyrbrid
  3. Create a saved view with the render mode and the perspective mode saved only and you can achieve what you desire. The only issues is the saved view is not saving the cropped no crop setting at this time. Dave is incorrect though, All architects want the perspective view as the default in our office.
  4. Christiaan, Upgrades for our project types have worked well, but we attempt to keep all project files only a version or two back. 2014 is much better than 2013 when upgrading.
  5. Christiann, The 2014 Modeling environment, what with the Clip Cube, Perspective View, New X-Ray Select in 2d and 3d and now the OpenGL environment speed the user can create 3d content very Quickly! All this along with the Design layer visibility control allows users to effectively work on only that with which they intend to impact. Having had the opportunity to use the software can attest to the significance of the improvements. If you are a user that is doing any 3d in Vectorworks this is a must have upgrade. Regards, Stan
  6. Christiaan, The only way is to create a series of Textures that are transparency textures only that uses object color for renderworks if you need object level control. The other method is by design layer but then you have to move them to the Greyed design layer as Greyed Classes does not work.
  7. Do not have a box without it so did not know that is the case, guess you get textures with OpenGL when you have renderworks which seems to be odd at best. Thanks for clarifying Christiaan.
  8. Theoretically you can do this without Renderworks, you will have to use OpenGL with Edges and Textures On, edges on. That is of course if VW does not crash upon the render.
  9. Vincent, "This probably depends partly on the fact that the program is/has been developed for several disciplines not only architecture and partly on the fact that there are no architects involved in the actual R&D." There are many Architects working at NV within the R & D. You can see there names on the many list in this forums. They do not effect the base code but they do effect the direction and implementation of many of the tools. The issue is the Vision for the entire application is and has not been determined by an Architect. The same can be said of all the application offerings and may explain the resistance by many first to CAD and now to BIM. Of course Architects come in many flavors, just look at that which gets built around the world.
  10. Christiaan, We to have seen the same, old work methods with new features can sometimes effect desired outcomes.
  11. Due to Layer and Class criteria not represented across files unless the files themselves are referenced prohibits Worksheets from being referenced. The Criteria List would not have available those layers or classes. You can import and replace then change criteria in order to keep formatting similar across files.
  12. Point your backup at a local drive location as opposed to the server but work off the server. This should keep the backup from getting corrupt. The import design layers should work, we have used this with corrupt files before, hopefully yours are not to corrupt. You basically SOL on the sheet layers though.
  13. You cannot associate dimensions across files via work group referencing.
  14. This add on is well worth the money, especially if one does any work with existing conditions and buildings in context of other buildings. This add on just works and in combination with renderworks representation of designs in situ are exemplary. And no I do not get any kick back for sales, just thought others should know what they are missing.
  15. Use them for Elevations and Material designations all the time. They work but with a complete understanding and logical placement of the notes and legends. If you want certain keynotes to be the same spanning pages you will have to use some work arounds. General Notes work well enough. If you tie all these to the note database updates across drawings can be a snap.
  16. Quad Monitor, Desktop, two cards 1gb vram each, no soccer though.
  17. Chris, Revit has built in Core Windows only technology and will not be coming to Mac OS anytime soon. Boot camp, OS Emulation or Cloud based usage from a Mac is the only solution. Otherwise you get a Windows computer. Direct X has all the vector graphic capability to which you describe later in the thread. Be interesting to hear your comments after you get a completed construction set level of complexity in the model of your building and the speed issues. Revit has instant 2 way update of all work it would seem that would be a priority for the list in a BIM world?
  18. Here is the hatch. Yes, the method and UI is not a very user friendly one. You are setting positions of the dots on the screen. These can also be dragged around to get the look what you want then adjusted in the numeric fields. Yes, I know the Fields and the dots do not align in quantity as the Dash factor does not have a dot until you change the value from 1 as it sits under the Repeat dot. The repeat and the Dash factor work together as setting the length and direction of the line. The offset is for how far this line iterates itself that you have created. Start new hatch which gives you Level 1 or line 1 Leave the Start at L: 0 and A: 0 Set Repeat L:.45m and A: 0 Keep Dash Factor at 1 Set Offset L: .45m A: 90 Now you create Level-2 or line 2 all one has to do is change the Repeat and the Offset angles, the tricky part is you have to set them at something other than 0 or 90 as you can not have an offset angle and repeat angle be the same.
  19. Dave, We are also not able to Render in the cloud with most if not all our projects. We are experiencing the same thing as Christiaan.
  20. Just discovered a bug whereby certain object types are not exporting using the 2d graphics which you all may be experiencing. the tried and true method is to save as the file, in this file create a design layer for all the elevations, dup the VP then convert to group, this will give a line object group that when placed on the design layer can be measured from, you will just have to scale up by the scale of the vp.
  21. See Christiaan same question, make sure you Viewport is set to Hidden Line render only. This should give you the sheet with lines in model space.
  22. Christiaan, The HL is exported as lines that can be measured off and any rendering is saved as bitmaps. They can turn off the reference if they just want to measure to the lines.
  23. Christiaan, In 2012 and beyond; "Export Viewports as 2D Graphics in Model Space Select this option to export all 2D and 3D objects that display inside a viewport as simple 2D (flat) graphics in model space. Each selected sheet is exported to a separate file. On re-import, all exported graphics are imported into a design layer. ● Viewports in Top/Plan view are exported without conversion to 2D lines. ● Rendered viewports in any view other than Top/Plan view are exported as groups. ● Non-rendered viewports in an orthogonal view (Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left, and Right) are set to hidden line rendering and then exported as groups. ● Non-rendered viewports in an isometric view (including custom views) are converted to lines before export. ● Section viewports are exported as groups. ● Viewport annotations are extracted from the viewport groups and exported as single entities. ● All other sheet layer graphics (such as title blocks) are exported as single entities."
  24. Christiaan, At this time you are SOL. Maybe someone has a workaround that we have not found yet. Major PITA.
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