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Detail Section Viewport "Annotations"

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How do I get the annotations (the detail's materials) that I've drawn in a Section Viewport to show up in a Detail Section Viewport of that Section Viewport?...

I want to draw in the context of the larger Section Viewport for coordination between details (for example, to draw an entire sloped porch roof so that it's lower and upper details are easily related to each other).

And then I want to be able to easily crop just the lower and upper details themselves (without having to manually reduce all my materials as is necessary in the annotations of a viewport to get them to fit within the detail drawing).

Also, I sometime want to see components beyond the section plane of the detail (for example, a supporting column in the porch example above).

Thanks! Will

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Thanks Peter, yes, that's what I've typically done in the past. But it's that time-consuming editing that I'm trying to avoid (especially when subsequently further reducing the size of a detail to get it to fit on a sheet). Also, if in the larger section you've detailed a portion of the building in order to figure out the relationships of details (such as in the porch roof example) it then means there are two places where things need to be updated should anything change (not that anything ever changes!...).

What I've started doing recently is:

1.) Create a 1 1/2" section viewport on a dedicated sheet layer;

2.) Take a first pass at detailing in that viewport (based on the model and/or which informs the model for further development, such as maybe the framing & sheathing for the porch roof and the bird's mouths at the eave plate and wall ledger);

3.) Cut what I've drawn from the VP;

4.) Paste it In-Place to a 1 1/2" scale Design Layer;

5.) Finish drawing the detail there;

6.) Do a cropped Sheet Layer Viewport of, say, just the eave, at the desired scale;

7.) Do my dimensions, callouts, etc. in this, the final detail SLVP.

The trick is to keep the 1 1/2" Section Viewport and the drawings that are on the 1 1/2" scale Design Layer in the same place, for pasting back and forth, in place, between the two. It's then easy to move the detail SLVP and/or adjust its crop size.

If I want to show elements that are beyond the section plane, I basically trace them from the original 1 1/2" section viewport and copy them to the design layer.

Simple, huh? So, I had some hopes for this new Detail Section Viewport thing, but, it seems maybe its main claim to fame is just facilitating automatic drawing coordination?...

Basically, I wish there were a way to have a sheet layer or sheet-layer-like viewport on a design layer, lying flat on the working plane, over which details could be drawn and then "viewported" to sheet layers...

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Peter, I hadn't though of that, but I'm not sure it would address what I'm looking for, which basically is the ability to draw in a section viewport, and THEN take cropped viewport(s) of it for placement on drawing sheets. If I'm understanding you correctly, I'd need two duplicate drawings of my porch in two separate viewports, one cropped for the eave detail, and one cropped for the upper ledger detail. Also, very often the dimensions and callouts, and especially the title, are outboard of the physical components represented by the detail, which might make an annotations crop tricky?...

Vincent, I think what you're suggesting regarding section markers is a different issue, but I agree with.

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I've been down this path. The time saved in drawing coordination is lost in vp managmenent. Notes inside a vp annotation can not be easily copied and pasted. Ie you have to open one viewport to access notes to copy. Exit vp get into new vp paste. If you like your text to line up then you have to relay everything out. If you change the position of the wall in the model- your detail has not changed, but you still have to do work on the detail as the underlay is moved.

Lastly a vp can not be Copied and pasted between files so you can not reuse annotated details in a new file.

We have gone back to having a separate independent 2d detail file.

Each layer is its own detail, the structural intersection is located on the origin (0,0). Design layer has 2D line works.

Sheetlayer has annotation and arrows. Page layout is consistent. 55mm margin on left side for text.

Details are 1 per page on an A4 sheet makes for an independent flip book so you can look at detail while looking at plan.

These page layout rules allow for rapid cut and paste in place.

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- Does this mean that you typically CUT & PASTE 3D information into the 2D file?

- How do you co-odinate changes?

- Are all details the same scale?

I share your & others frustration with Annotation Layer information not shared between Viewports, and I'm sure this system you describe works for your firm, but it seems to open another can of worms from my POV.

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We draw the detail in 2d only. Completely separate document.

Scale can shift from 1:2 to 1:10 depending on what is critical.

We handel change the old fashion way. By good coordination checking.

As each detail has its own page it is very quick and easy to replace a detail.

Any way you go with VW there are worms in cans. Depends which one you choose. I found that with a simple job the complexity of managing class and layer visibility across many VPs was time consuming and unproductive.

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