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3D Structural Grid

Alan H

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I have just drawn the structural grid lines for the project I am working on a plan view in 2D, Is there an easy way to turn this into a 3D grid?

currently I am thinking of creating a number of 3D loci at each end of the grids and then snap to these points on the annotations layer to create the grid lines for the sections. Anybody got any other suggestions?

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Thanks, the only thing that worries me about showing them on the annotations layer is that you have to do that for each sheet layer, make sure that it is accurately aligned in each instance, and then hope the structural engineer doesn't want to move the positioning about.

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Check out this solution, I've used it in a couple of projects and it seems to work adequately:


Make sure the symbol ends up on the correct elevation in your DL.

PS. I usually lock the symbol in each DL to avoid it getting unintentionally moved during drafting: Left click>Lock.

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Thanks Vincent, I didn't see that thread, that works for the benchmarks and levels.

But did you ever get this to work vertically?

I got this image from the internet (I think it is a Revit image) this is what i am looking to achieve and how we normally show the vertical section lines.

I think my only option is to show these on the annotations layer!

Thanks for the feedback guys!

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I am trying an elaborate work around...

Grids are on a separate DL

Horizontal and vertical lines are classed separately.

I then do a second viewport under (or on top of) each section viewport

I align those once and lock in place

If I need to rearrange the placing of viewports on my sheet, I need to remember to take the Grid viewport with them. But for now, everything is in sync.

Copying and pasting the grids into the viewport itself won't update if (for any reason) I need to add or change a grid line.

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