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Hi there,

last time I used VWX 2008 on a mac, I could select editable text and choose to go into Outline mode, where just the outline of the text was visible.

Now I am on a PC running windows 7 and using Fundamentals 2012, I can no longer find this command...

Is it still possible to achieve this font style? or is this just a mac thing?

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Seem like laziness to be honest. Paragraphs look completely different from Mac to PC. Spacing, width... Other software handles this well without rasterizing, photoshop, illustrator, even Cinema 4D in which you can have 3d text without rasterizing it and handles outline. What's worse is that I had text in Outline and once you're in PC you can't put it to normal and it looks good so I don't know if it's a matter of font handling.

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