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  1. Same thing happening to me with Architect 2014 sp1 on a fully up to date Windows machine [windows 7 6gb or ram 64 bit quad core processor...] Help!
  2. Its alright guys, it showed up eventually after a few restarts... still keen to know of any plug ins for coordinates though, also some xy and z options would be good. any ideas?
  3. Another [possibly dumb] question... I had a "BenchmarkXYText" Plug in given to me some time ago that allowed me to mapp x and y coordinates in VWX Architect 2013. I found it very useful for establishing setting out points for structural steel grids on site plans etc, and setting out brickwork so that the site works could begin... I still have a copy of "BenchmarkXYText" but cant get it to install in VWX Architect 2014... does anyone know if this is compatable still? or what the correct way of installing the plug in is? or better still if there is an updated coordinate mapper about? Thanks for your help [again!] you guys are the very helpfull!
  4. No Script, nor do I press 'S' key... driving me round the bend!
  5. When I am drawing I use snap to 45 degrees and 30 degrees an awful lot... Since upgrading to and installing 2013, I have noticed that the snap icon is still activated in the floating taskbar, however the toolbar settings keeps unchecking the tick box that relates to angle snaps... all the time! I get to make 4 or 5 angle snaps, and then it just doesnt work again, until I go into the settings and tick the checkbox to activate this feature [again]. Is there something I am doing wrong / or by mistake that keeps unchecking this box, or is it a bug? I am using Vectorworks Fundamentals 2013 on a 64 bit machine running Microsoft Windows 7 [x64]. Any ideas greatfuy appreciated, its getting quite irritating. Cheers Damian
  6. I think the term i was looking for is a Hybrid object... is the approach above the best way to do this?
  7. Hi All, I am hoping to work on a project this coming weekend where I model some components, largely a battery, receiver and servo in 3D. I would like to use the feature where I can give a 3D model a different graphic view in plan and elevation, rather than just use the 3D model view. I am especially thinking this will be usefull if I can model say a wheel, and when looking in plan view I can see a depiction of a 2D section through the wheel, without having to set up cutting planes. This would really help my workflow, anyone got any ideas how to use this feature? Appreciative thanks [as always] Damian
  8. Hi Ian, great info, just what I was looking for. thanks for taking the time to respond.
  9. Thanks Michael, seems a shame. I think a workaround may be to use a specific outline only true type font for now. Will try to find one when I get a minute.
  10. Hi there, last time I used VWX 2008 on a mac, I could select editable text and choose to go into Outline mode, where just the outline of the text was visible. Now I am on a PC running windows 7 and using Fundamentals 2012, I can no longer find this command... Is it still possible to achieve this font style? or is this just a mac thing?
  11. Just looked into this, Found the solution here first! Website is a great resource, thank you for posting.
  12. Thanks for the comment RE Architect, yes indeed I am an architect, and conclude that you are right, the plug in is required. I am just waiting for some prices to come through on both designer and architect modules... does anyone have a ballpark figure in the meantime? By the way, I just bought one of your 3D manuals for 2012 Jonathan! I never thought I would get a message from the author. Have you produced any guides on organic modelling? [Hoping to medel a RC car body shell in VWX 2012...]
  13. Thanks for the responses, good to know i can probably get a disk. Hopefully I will have my code in the next day or two.
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