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Palettes nowhere to be found....but are checked as present????? WTF

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Hi. Trying to study for exam, pointless if I can't use Object Info, Navigation, Resource Brouser and Attributes. These are all 'checked' as if they are present on screen. This is how my WHOLE monday has panned out. My character is building nicely. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!

PS: Exam is .........................TOMORROW.

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Can you set your screen resolution to a larger value? If the palettes are off screen, this is one way to get access to them. Or, try hooking up to a larger monitor (variation of same trick). Move them back to where you can find them and quit VW. Their positions will be saved in your current workspace and used the next time you run.

If you use a laptop and large screen alternately, you should duplicate your current Workspace and set the palette positions for each environment accordingly - Laptop WS and Desktop WS. Use your Laptop Workspace for small screen work and your Desktop Workspace for large screen work. Keep everything else the same.

Good luck on your exam. After your exam, please create a signature so our answers can be better directed to your specific needs.



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