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Are multiple values in Worksheet cell possible (text and formulas)?

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It seems like VWX would have this capability but maybe not since many hours of searching here and reading VWX Help have been unfruitful. Basically, I want a to display text in a single worksheet cell that also contains a number of values derived from formulas.

I want it to display something like:

Dimensions ( 2600mm x 3000mm)

The numbers in Red are values that I would like to be derived using the WIDTH and HEIGHT formulas of a single object (can be a symbol, or just an object on a specific class). is it possible to have simple text and formulas in the same cell or am I dreaming?

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=Concat('Dimensions (',Width(N='PTS'),'mm x ',Height(N='PTS'),'mm')

This will give you a single cell with the string you have asked for for an object named PTS.

Change the criteria inside the Width and Height statements as necessary.

You can also use cell references (=A1, =B47) in the concat statement.

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Thanks for you help, once again.

The formula you've listed above helps me understand the worksheet syntax a bit better. However, I can't seem to get it to work for me. I guess I should mention I'm currently using 2008, in case this is a function that doesn't work in my version.

I tried simplifying it, ie remove the text, so that the hopeful result would be "2600 3000" just to see if I could get that working right but was not successful.

I used =CONCAT(WIDTH(C='Carpet'),' ',HEIGHT(C='Carpet'))

since the item I'm trying to get these values for is currently the only item on this class

I know I'm almost there, but apparently some small hangup is holding me back.

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I think you are out of luck until you upgrade.

VW2008 does not have the Concat function. I don't remember if it was added in VW2010 or 2011, but I just checked 2008 and it is definitely not there.

It would also help if you added a signature with your hardware and software specs. Often makes it easier for us to help.

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When using 'concat' to bring 2 values into a single cell (r/o height and width, the resulting cells will not format correctly. I will get the database header in the correct format, in this case, dimension, feet and inches, but concated values will be decimal form.

Instead of 3'2 1/2"W x 6'10 1/2"H

I get:

3.208333W x 6.875H

Anyone know a fix for this?

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