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  1. Mikael

    Landscape Area

    Yes, it is possible to show the quantities in the tag of a Landscape Area. I have in the Tag Body section a custom tag option: ID&"-"&Quantity Putting only Quantity works also. If you put it the Tag Header section, it won't work. I've defined a custom unit (m2) in File->Document Settings->Units, but it doesn't show up in Landscape Area nor Hardscape. This would be very handy for me to get the locally used area unit in the tags of Landscpadpe Area and Hardscape...
  2. I'm trying to export vw 2D/3D symbols to dwg. I've done separate 2D and 3D symbols to get them into dwg and it works fine, but the 3D objects loose their colour fill. They are all white. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Here is a sample of vegetation hatches. I might update the file occasionally, so I decided to share the file via Sugarsync... vw file is in this public folder https://www.sugarsync.com/share/bsq3b0dmdgajq and a preview pic of the hatches...
  4. I'm trying to get two/three values (ID and colour/ type) into one cell from a record, but I need a little help. I just can't get the formula right... The result should be something like this: Object ID, Type, Colour
  5. The plants are in None class. Tags are in Plant-Component-Tags class and the Fill is set to None, but I want it to have Solid fill. How do I get it?
  6. Still an issue with 2011! FIX BUGS before a new version release, Please!
  7. THANK YOU! Why didn't I know this before? A huge time saver!
  8. There are no points, 3D locis or 3D polygons on wrong z-level to make such a result. This might be a bug. I've purchased the Contour tool set, but haven't had the time to test it in a larger scale, but looks great. Having a 3D polygon as a site modifier would be nice...
  9. I'm having a problem with Site Model... I try to manipulate the Site Model with "Stake object from 3D locus" -command, but the result is odd. See attached file.
  10. V.2011 seems to work properly. I've done a lot of plant symbol editing and VW hasn't crashed!
  11. Yesterday I edited my plant library and the plant symbols: VW crashed at least 20 times! I ran into this issue in v.11, then v.2008 and still in v.2010. Why this issue isn't solved? All bugs should be fixed before a new version release, imo. Has v.2011 still the bug? And with the editing I mean changing the symbols color/hatch, nothing very complex... Frustrated... wishing for a bug free software...
  12. Here is what I did in 10 minutes... A lazy man's edit, just randomly deleting layers. I've done a lot of work with distortions with the non-rectilinear hatches and I've managed to solve most of them. It's relatively easy, but it takes a lot of time.
  13. It behaves quite well. It's not flawless, but ok. I tried it on area approximately 5 hectares and it works, very heavy though. I downloaded it somewhere, don't remember where... it's a part of larger collection of hatches.
  14. Here is an example of a 655 layer hatch, pretty complex, I'd say. I could edit the hatch, and get the result I want, but it's too much work...
  15. Any ideas how to create a hatch like this?
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