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DTM in Architect or do I need Landscape?


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I do not own a Vectorwork application yet. I am here asking pre-sales questions to make sure I make the right decisions.

1: Am I able to create a digital terrain model in Architect or is Landscape required for that?

2: When I look at the online videos, the poly DTMs look a little rough - even with the "smoothing" option selected. They look too low poly, is there a way to increase the polygon count to smooth it out more?

3: I am a C4D user and will need to upgrade to Visualize 12, but if I do, can I place the DTM into a NURBS cage in order to smooth out the DTM - or am I going to be asking for trouble if I do that?

Perhaps some of this should be asked in the Landscape forum but thought I would start here since I really on need an architectural and DTM solution. I do not need all that is required of Landscape.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The appearance of the 3D model is down to the amount of source data that's available, but there is an option for VW to interpolate more points and display a smoother model. In addition, you can apply Mesh Smoothing in the Document Preferences, but this will impact your entire model - not just the terrain.

The terrain modelling tools are really powerful!

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sorry if it seems like i keep asking the same question over but I just want to make sure I am clear on this.

Here are a couple of image (site, floor/elevation plans) of a typical project that I normally do entirely in Cinema 4D. The site plan and concept elevation is my next project.

Can you tell me if VW ARCHITECT is enough to handle this or if I need LANDMARK as well? Sorry, I've been calling it "Landscape." I'm getting the understanding that ARCHITECT can handle the DTM but that LANDMARK does a better job at it - is that correct?

I have also included a typical result, but I am looking for a better architectural solution in that making changes is a bit challenging and I think the modeling process would be faster.





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Landmark and Architect both have the same DTM tools and can model the site in the same way. Architect will give you much larger range of Architectural tools for the building, while Landmark will give you Place Plant, Landscape Area and Existing Tree, all of which will help you with showing the vegetation on the site.

You can get both by going for Vectorworks Designer. You'll need Renderworks if you want to show 3D plants using Image Props, but you may be dealing with that side of things within CINEMA 4D.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Tamsin. That's what I was looking for. So even if I don't have Renderworks I will have the option to export or send the DTM to Cinema 4D? I haven't found an upgrade option to Designer from Architect :( so I need to make sure I make the right purchase.

I checked out your training Tamsin. I am in the USA and may be interested in some online training. Does that sound reasonable given the timezone distance?

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