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iMac i7 Intel Render Problem?

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I bought 2 brand new iMacs with the new i7 processors.

Both have two identical problems:

- I have a fairly large drawing (but not huge) with much 3D geometry. When I update viewports, I get either a crash, or an error that says 'viewport cannot be rendered because of lack of memory'. 'reduce the page dpi.

However the dpi is only 200, plus I have 12 gigs of RAM.

I have an old MacBook Pro with only 4 gigs of RAM, and it renders fine.

Both iMacs have identical problems. I also have a 2 month old iMac with the i5 chip, and it works just fine.

Anybody else having rendering issues with the i7?

Thanks all.

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Is there a setting in the system preference that is different between the macs on virtual memory, ram allocation for programs, page file, etc?

Aloha, Grant:

I don't think you can allocate memory for applications in MacOS X.

There are few things that can be done:

1. Run "permission repair" from Disk utility

2. Do the disk repair after safe boot.

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