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Get Handle to Worksheet?


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Hello! When will I ever get free support of this kind? Why does NNA support one commercial operator and not another?

Looks like a vectorscript job.

How much would you pay for it?

I was referencing several aspects of the Vectorworks community in the other thread:

1. That the requested feature was probably doable in Vectorscript.

2. That the work entailed in doing so was slightly more than trivial.

3. That requesters tend not to place a value on their request.

4. That there are probably people who could and would code it if there was a market for it.

5. That there probably is not a market for it.

I'm sure you could code it more quickly than I can, and I doubt - to the degree that a pattern of past events predicts future events - you would code it gratis.

Commercial development of Vectorscripts I suspect is quite limited since...as you know...there's really no good way protecting scripts.

That's not to say commissions aren't viable, but writing for sale scripts is pretty much dead...you can encrypt them and protect your code (at least from someone who doesn't want to be bothered cracking what appears to be very simple encryption) but you can't really keep people from sharing it broadly.

So for sale scripts have to be priced high enough to earn a return from a few honest people rather than everyone who uses it...which drives down sales volume...which discourages development.

BTW, anyone who wanted such a script could pay for it with their own time writing it.

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Well I supose I could too if I tied each copy to the last six digits of the user's serial number at compile time.

Of course that means more work on the fullfillment side leading to a higher cost to produce, a higher price, and therefore lower sales.

There are some nice utities out there for 20 bucks or more, but people aren't inclined to buy them.

Partially, it's just the demographic for Vectorworks is already inclined not to spend money...otherwise they'd probably be using ArchiCad, AutoCAD, or something in a similar price range.

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