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Help!: Warping 3D Text (True Type Polyline extrusion)


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Text Along a Path could get you close to a useable result (see attached image, you need to adjust the Rotate About Path angle in the OIP to make the text stand upright). The problem in this specific case is the size of the text vs. the degree of curve in the surface. Text Along a Path generates letters that are still flat planes, so letters the size needed would not follow the tight path.


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I would go with archoncad option #3. Not intuitive, labor-intensive, but desired results, I think. Also, don't see the radius limitation with Shell Solid.


  • Text>TrueType to Polyline>Convert to NURBS
  • Cylinder>Extract Surface>Split (in half)
  • Arrange Text NURB Curve (Profile) over NURB Surface>Project and Trim>Shell Solid (inside)
  • Arrange onto cylinders...and ...voila

Thanks for the Saturday workout. ;-)

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