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Renderworks 2009: S-shaped paths and kidney shaped ponds.

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Hi, I am using renderworks 2009 and am trying to do one of 2 things. Firstly, an s-shaped pathway and secondly a kidney shaped pond. After many hours of trial and error and pulling teeth, I have opted to use the hard landscape tool for the path (although, I haven't got the hang of this yet!)As for the Kidney shaped pond any tips on the best way to proceed? I have tried connecting varying sized circles and then trimming the bits I don't need but this seems a very convoluted process and as I will need a 3-D view later on - not the best option. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best way to proceed..... some clever short cuts.(Also for s-shaped path!)

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Welcome dusk04, not sure which VW's version you are using (you should create a signature with your OS and VW info!) however if you have "Architect", "Landmark" or "Designer" you should have a Resource File called "Landscape Objects-Residential" (see attached screen shot). There are a couple kidney shaped pools in here.

For curved and winding pathways there are a lot of ways to go, perhaps the easiest is to start with a POLYLINE in the second (or third) mode and then use the OFFSET tool to create the other side. If you connect both Polylines with lines you can then select all four objects and use the COMPOSE command to create a solid shape which can then be made into a hardscape or floor, or it can be extruded or simply left as a 2d filled or hatched object. See second attached shot.

Hope that helps.... P

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@CipesDesign I did not see the attached screen shots. Where may I find those? New to the program and wanting to place a pond with depth and a break wall behind it.  Thanks in advance.



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@mridgeway Hi! Welcome to the forum!  The forum changed formats a few years ago, and, although most old threads were preserved, attachments were removed.  Probably no way to recover.  However, the 2009 answer and advice by @CipesDesign applies to current and older versions of Vectorworks for swimming pools and pathways.


Not required, but Troubleshooting is greatly enhanced if posts have a forum signature including vwx version and module (eg v2019 Fundamentals, Landmark etc), plus some OS and hardware info (Mac/Win version, Graphics etc.). Create it in the Account Settings>Signature tab in the pulldown of your name at upper right corner of the forum window. Very helpuful to show 


For a pond with depth and a wall you would probably want to learn the basics of Site Model creation.  Can you post image or vwx file with contours or other site info for the base terrain and the pond/wall?  We can get you started with that info.



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The attachments are still existing.

If something important is missing you can ask @Jim Wilson to re-link

the data.

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