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OK I just upgraded to VWA 2010 from 8.5, new computer, OS, the works. I started playing around with 2010 just to feel my way around what has changed since 8.5. (LOTS!!)before starting the training DVD's. This may be a stupid question but what happened to the "zoom window" command? If its there I can't seem to find it. If its gone I will really miss it, I'm probally just not seeing it.

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There is also a different zoom mode in 2010. Or at least I first noticed it in 2010.

The first mode will work the way you are used to. The second mode (interactive mode?) takes a little getting used to.

Or you can just use the scroll wheel (if enabled in preferences) to zoom.



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In VW 8.5, Architect 1, there was an icon at the top, similar to the 2010 zoom position that represented a "window" zoom. Click on it, window a portion of the drawing and that portion was enlarged to fit the screen. There was another icon on the bottom which you clicked to return you to the screen view before the zoom (previous view). I can't seem to find these two features (icons) in 2010 and I wonder if they are still there in another form or were they eliminated in a previous version. For the old timers out there I believe Minicad had the same features.

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There's also the "space bar" to activate the "pan" command. When the "space bar" is pressed followed by the "ctrl" key, the "zoom-in" command is activated. When the "space bar", followed by the "ctrl" key followed by the "alt" key is pressed, the "zoom-out" command is activated.

Also as mentioned above the mouse wheel can also be used.


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